Who is Tina Turner’s Son, Ike Turner Jr.?

ike turner jr
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Str/EPA/Shutterstock (7840367a) Ike Turner (l) with Ike Turner Jr Holds the Grammy He Won For ‘Risin’ with the Blues’ in the Category Best Traditional Blues Album at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles On Sunday 11 February 2007 Usa Grammy Awards – Feb 2007

There are a lot of people in Hollywood who are famous because of their parents and their money and influence. Ike Turner is one of those people. He is the son of a famous singer and producer Ike Turner Sr. He has the same name as his father and also has the same job! Yes, Ike Turner Jr. is also a musician but he acts as well.

So, How is the father-son relationship? And what about Ike’s life? What is it like? Today, we are going to answer all of these questions about Ike Turner so, let us get started.

How old is Ike Turner?

Ike Turner Jr was born in the year 1958 so, that makes him quite old. You do the math! His father is Ike Turner Sr. and his mother’s name is Loraine Taylor.  Ike couldn’t spend time with both of his parents as they divorced just a couple of years after Ike was born.  His father got into a relationship with Tina Turner back in 1962.  So, Ike spent most of his childhood with his step-mom and his father. He went to a local school for studies but then he could not get into college education as he was helping his parents in a studio.

Ike’s Siblings and family members

Ike wasn’t the only kid in the family. He had 6 siblings. Michael Turner is his only biological brother though. Ronnie, Mia, Twanna, and Linda are his half-siblings.

Ronnie is quite successful as an actor right now and Ike’s half-sister Mia is an entrepreneur. Ike has a great relationship with all of the family members. They love to spend time with one another and they are often seen together in the public.

Career as An Actor And A Musician

Just like his parents, Ike Jr. is also very inclined towards Music as well as acting. In fact, he started to play Musical Instruments when he was just around 13 years old. He also played in his parent’s band. Ike has also worked as a sound engineer for his step-mother Tina Turner.

He even has an album under his name titled Hard Labor. In the year 2006, his work in his father’s album got him a Grammy Award. In 2017, Ike started a band named ‘The Love Thang’ which is a huge success.

Aside from music, Ike Jr. acts as well. He is currently working on a movie named Ike Turner which is about his father. He will be producing and acting in the movie.

Ike’s Relationship With His Father

Ike Jr. did not really have that much of a close relationship with his father. The relationship became sour when his father pulled him out of school when was just 13 and made him work in the studio.

After divorcing Tina, Ike father’s physically assaulted his own son with a .45 piston because Ike Jr. still used to work as Tina’s sound engineer. This made his father quite angry with his son.

Ike has gone through many horrible instances where his parents would really leave him alone and make him feel very lonely. He was taken care of by the housekeeper most of the time. But this hardship did not really matter much as he grew up to be a very successful individual. And despite all this, he has huge respect for his dad.

Personal Life of Ike Turner Jr.

Ike Turner Jr.

Most celebrities like to keep their personal details away from all the media. And this applies to Ike Turner as well. He is famous but his personal life is well hidden.

He has not given any information about his wife or his partner. Ike might have one but even if he does have a love life, we are in dark about it. It is unclear if Ike is married. There are no reports of him having a girlfriend though. So, it’s safe to say that he is single currently.

And since he is single, he obviously does not have any children. He might be totally focused on his life right now.

Ike’s Social Media Presence and Net Worth

Ike is quite a famous celebrity but he is not a big fan of Social Media. As of 2021, he is not on any Social Media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Ike’s total net worth is not known but he is definitely a millionaire. He has made quite a big deal of money from his acting and music career. In the case of his father though, Ike Turner Sr. is worth more than $10 million dollars.

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