Who is David Ortiz’s Wife Tiffany Ortiz?

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David Américo Ortiz Arias is one of the big-name and a legend of American baseball history, people even nicknamed him Big Papi. He has played many matches and was a ten-time All-Star and has won the world series champion three times and Silver Slugger seven times.

Tiffany Ortiz is the other half of David Ortiz and in this piece of article, we will be talking about David’s wife and other half Tiffany. Back a while ago news of David being shot in the back at the bar went viral and his wife Tiffany came and released a statement about David’s condition.

Tiffany came to highlight after marrying David Ortiz and today we will be giving all the information and detail we have on Tiffany Ortiz, how she and David first met? her early life and few other things about her.

Short Biography of Tiffany Ortiz

Tiffany was born on May 13, 1974, in Kaukauna, Wisconsin to Lorriane and Terrance Brick. This is the only information we have on Tiffany’s early life.

Tiffany’s father used to work as a lift truck operator at Thilmany Paper Mill and he had been working for more than forty years but sadly on July 4, 2013, her father died at Parkside Care Center in Little Chute. It is said that Tiffany’s father had joined and was a member of a few sports clubs and he loved to watch baseball games.

As for her mother, she used to work at Kaukauna Piggly Wiggly and also was a volunteer at St. Aloysius Catholic Church. Sadly on December 9, 2014, her mother died at St. Paul Home.

Remembering her parents, Tiffany posted a picture of her parents on her Instagram with the caption “My mother and father have been on my mind a lot lately, I just miss them deeply, but luckily I realized they had been with me all along. I have been able to use all the values they instilled in me, the way they raised me, to the fullest extent over the last three weeks. I thank my parents for everything they have done for me.”

How Did They Meet?

As per the reports, David used to play for Wisconsin Timber Rattlers the and as Tiffany was born in Wisconsin, both of them met there eventually but there is no information on how they meet exactly. Tiffany was a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers so after they started spending time together she made David a fan of Packers as well.

After meeting and dating in the late ’90s, finally on November 16, 2002, David and Tiffany got married and are living together ever since.

They Have Two Children

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Tiffany and David have two children, one son, and one daughter. Their daughter Alexandria Ortiz was born before they were married in 2001 and their son D’ Angelo Ortiz was born in 2004.

On April 11, 2016, when Alexandria went to the Red Sox home opener to sing the national anthem, her father was so proud that he expressed how it was for him.

“I was surprised, and it was a beautiful surprise. You eventually start thinking about your children, the way you raised your children, and the experiences you’ve had. I started thinking of those memories and it was pleasing.”

Both of their children have now grown and talking about their son D’ Angelo, he is also working very hard to have the same career as his father. Angelo even used to play baseball at Westminster Christian School in South Florida.

They Were Seperated in 2013

As mentioned the couple decided to go on their separate ways and both of them had the mutual agreement to separate but only a year after their separation they patched up and left behind all the things of the past and now they are living a very happy life.

After some time of their separation, David said, “In life, some things will work out for a while, but eventually they won’t work out anymore, and moving forward is necessary. We’re both moving on and we hope everyone to understand and respect that.”

David Was Shot in the Back

As mentioned already, David was shot in the back while he was at the Dial Bar and Lounge in East Santo Domingo back in June 2019. There is no information as to why he was shot but when he was shot, few people came to rescue him and took him to the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Eliezer Salvador was also among the few people who came to David’s rescue when he was shot, so Tiffany expressed her appreciation she said, “I want to thank Presidente Sports owner Eliezer Salvador for his quick thinking and quick action on Sunday night. He deserves our sincere thanks and gratitude. David would not have received the urgent care he needed had it not been for your bravery and selflessness. We will be forever grateful for your kindness.”

Is Tiffany Active on Social Media?


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Yes, she is pretty much active on Instagram where she has more than 85k followers, and she posts various pictures of her and other few kinds of stuff.

On the other hand, her husband David “Big Papi” has more than 2m followers on his Instagram account and more than 1m followers on his Twitter account.

Tiffany is Co-Founder of David Ortiz Children’s Fund

In 2007 David along with Tiffany founded the David Ortiz Children’s Fund. The mission or goal of this fund is never let any child be denied for surgery due to insufficient funds.

As per their official website, it says that Tiffany is also on the Boston Board for UNICEF. It also says that she works for Red Sox Foundation and is very active to support the fund and its life-saving work.

How Much Does She Earn? (Her Net Worth)

We don’t know how much her salary is but according to the reports, her net worth is estimated to be around $300,000.

On the other hand, her husband David has earned a huge deal of money from his baseball career and his estimated net worth is around $50 to $55 million.

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