Who is Thomas Gibson’s Son, Travis Carter Gibson?

Travis Carter Gibson
Date of Birth 2002
Profession Student
Father Thomas Gibson

Travis Carter Gibson is an entertainer and a celebrity kid. He is famous for being Thomas Gibson’s son. So, are you a fan of the Gibson Household? If yes, then give this article a read and find more about Travis and his dad. Let us begin then.

Who is Travis Carter Gibson?

Travis Gibson is the child of a big Hollywood celebrity named Thomas Gibson. His mother is Christine Gibson. Travis has a decent stature and body. He is pretty tall and has a good weight. Exact statistics are not known in this regard though.

Moving on to his relationship status, He is single. He hasn’t posted or said anything about having a girlfriend.

We are also not sure whether he is in University or not. Travis is from a very rich family so, even if he doesn’t go to school, it won’t matter that much. We also don’t have any idea about his assets as of now.

Travis was born in the year 2002 and he holds an American citizenship. He was also born in the USA.
Travis is still in his early 20’s so, he is still figuring out life. But he is definitely known to be very energetic performer. His cites his dad as the biggest influence and the veteran actor Thomas has really helped his son find the groove.

Travis Gibson grew up seeing his dad act in many films and TV shows. This motivated him deeply. He wanted to be like his dad so, he joined an acting class to be an actor.

Today, Travis is a solid performer and his dad is the one who guides him in this path. Travis has also a sister named Agatha Marie Gibson.

Parents and their relationship

Travis’ parents are Thomas and Christine. They started dating around the late ’80s. After they dated for a couple of years, the pair tied the knot. They got married on April 3rd in 1993.

The marriage was a going good for more than two decades before it was on its literal last leg. The two had to end it all in the year 2011. They were not divorced yet though, the two separated and then Thomas filed the divorce in the year 2014.

The two settled it next year and the divorce was finalized in the year 2018 just 4 years after the time the divorce was filed. The reason behind the divorce was the irreconcilable differences that the two had between them. A few of the sources also reported that it might also be because of the extra-marital affair that Thomas had during their time together.

When the two separated, there was a woman who came forward and made a claim. This woman’s claim was that she had relations with Thomas and they had ben going at it for almost 2 years. But Thomas denied the claim and he said that he was actually Cat fished by this person. And by the time he was chatting with this person, Thomas had already separated from his wife. As of today, Thomas is the one who is actually single now. His wife though is married.


Since Travis is still in his early 20s, He hasn’t really done a lot of work in the entertainment industry. He has had some features but nothing too serious.

For instance, he was seen in the 2014 TV series Criminal Minds. He played the role of Jake McCauley in it and it was a really impressive performance. He received many good reviews for his acting. The TV Series though did not get much hype. It was mainly because of the lack of a good story.

Anyway, Travis also stared in the show called Puberty Blues. He had a small role in this series. This was before Criminal Minds though. It was a basic role but Travis played it perfectly.

After these two roles though, he hasn’t really worked in the film industry. Perhaps Criminal Mind’s lack of success kind of demotivated him or he might also be looking for the right time.

We could see him transition to movies too. her certainly has the talents to make that work.

Travis Gibson Net Worth

When you are the son of Thomas Gibson, is money even a problem? Anyway, a lot of people don’t want to live off their dad and they want to build their own worth.

Travis is the same. While he hasn’t earned that much money, he has enough to live a decent life by himself. The exact details are not known though.

His dad, well, his dad is a bonified millionaire. His net worth is pretty solid and the Gibson family lives a pretty great life.

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