The return of Keanu Reaves, ‘The Matrix Resurrections ‘ Review

The Matrix Resurrections

The minute “The Matrix Resurrections” starts to play o the silver screen, it’s all a trip down a memory lane despite the glaring flaws. The fourth installment of the mind-bending franchise is much better than its predecessors.  The painstaking and mesmerizing story in the 2003 “Matrix Revolutions” is quite undone convincingly in the latest cyberpunk sci-fi saga that seems the return of Keannu Reaves( Neo) and Carrie-Ann Moss (Trinity) as they resume the age-old battle to free humanity from the cadre of viciously intelligent secret agents and vice-like grip of the machine that’s trapped them in a simulation.


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Racing against the time

Keanu Reeves aka John Wick lookalike like Neo s Thomas Anderson and it’s not the Neo the world remembers, but he’s a man trapped in the simulation and he’s not a programmer, rather a game designer with flashes of the past. But unable to recall his past memories and the event that happened to Jason Bourne. Those who have watched the trilogy might feel easier to catch up. Neo is now struggling and racing against time as he needs to remember everything from the past as the Matrix intends to do what it does again and is now in the loop.

Not everything is the same as there’s also a catch, a new Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), and Bugs (Jessica Henwick). The major part of the movie is spent trying to shake Neo awake from light on Trinity’s arc. Previously, many were disappointed that she was just reduced to Neo’s love interest but this time it’s different as it fixes this mistake.

All the important questions are answered

There are lots of important questions that are answered in this film, showing the needs of a fourth film in the first place. Minted moolah breached the billion mark especially after the trilogy spawned classroom debates. But in the end, Neo has been going about his entire business the wrong way despite having small success. But still, some character still feels empty and has notable absentees as one of Hugo Weaving’s Iconic Agent Smith. In this film, the role is played by Jonathan Groff.


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The only bad thing about this movie is that the fact it spends a lot of time setting up the world of the Matrix once more. Some have thought that the miniseries would have been a better approach. The thing that makes this latest movie successful was that Lana Wachowski was all about attention to detail and she repeated the pattern. Those who had extremely high expectations from this movie might find this a bummer. But the visuals are quite amazing and the thriller action sequences will make you speechless, the plot is also praiseworthy, barring the lengthy context-setting is crisp, and hardly disappoints anyone.

Where can you watch the movie?

There are various movies that don’t need a sequel and “Ressurection” is one of them. However, they have decided to make a movie out of it, it isn’t a complete failure and isn’t oughta sight either. You can stream the movie on HBO Max. But still, we prefer to watch the movie on the big screens near you because it’s more enjoyable that way.

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