Who Is Terrence Howard Wife Michelle Ghent?

michelle ghent

Michelle Ghent is the second and former wife of Oscar-nominated actor Terrence Howard. The two got into quite a drama and became the source of gossip for many magazines and the public.

Terrence is popular for playing the character of Lucius Lyon in FOX’s series, Empire. The character Lyon and Howard also have similarities in their life. While Lyon has married twice Howard has married four times and the common thing between their relationship is that they get into a complicated and horrible relationship.

This piece will talk about Howard’s second wife Michelle Ghent birth, career, relationships, divorce, and her life after divorce.

She used to work for Howard’s company

While the exact date of Michelle’s birth is unknown, many believe that she was born in 1977. Talking about her relationship with Terrence, they met at Howard’s company where Michelle used to work as a production worker.

Michelle has worked in various places including Jeffries Technologies in the late 1990s. After that, she went to work at a commercial production company MJZ where she served as a talent coordinator. She then served at Go Film in the same position.

Other than that she has also worked at Eric Beauchamp and World Hero, LLC in 2005. She worked there for three years until she joined Shells To Gold Couture where she served as managing partner.

She then joined her future husband Howard’s company Al Chemist Productions Inc. and according to the reports, they started dating after they met at the company. She used to be the managing coordinator at Howard’s company.

Her marriage and divorce with Howard

As mentioned the two first met at Howard’s company and after spending some time together, they got married secretly in January 2010. I guess the news of them getting married circulated only after Howard opened up to Anderson Cooper when he was in the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

But sadly, just days before their first marriage anniversary in February 2011 Michelle filed for divorce. The finalization of their divorce took two years, in May 2013. Court also ordered Howard to pay $5,800 monthly but later Michelle asked for more as Howard started earning more because of his hit television drama series Empire.

However, in 2015 it was reported that Michelle threatened Howard saying that she’ll sell his nudes and phone sex but since Howard had agreed to a few of the conditions of the divorce, the court reversed the agreement.

All the allegations she made about Howard, he accepted that he did cheat on her with multiple women at the time of their engagement. He said that he and Michelle were sexually incompatible. He then explained that he still decided to get married to her because he was a Jehovah’s Witness (a millenarian restorationist Christian denomination) and as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses he wanted to be monogamous.

Howard cheated and used to abuse Michelle?

Michelle revealed that just a week after their marriage, Howard started abusing her physically so she had requested a restraining order from the court. Furthermore, she also added that Howard was not loyal and he intentionally disturbed and abused her emotionally as well as physically.

Later, she also said that Howard used to threaten to end her life.

Even after their divorce, in July 2013, she said that during her reunion with Howard in Costa Rica, he punched and even choked her. She went to court with her black eye and requested a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband.

But Howard denied that he even laid a finger on her and the crazy thing is that he said that Michelle was blackmailing him using his private information.

Howard and Michelle had a threesome; they also used to take drugs

According to Howard, he and Michelle used to take drugs and he further explained that they had used cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana together. He then added that they even had a threesome.

Howard was asked by Michelle’s lawyer if he gave Michelle STDs (herpes) to which he replied, “Yes I did. Or she gave it to me.”

Michelle tried to commit suicide

On Howard’s phone, a few aggressive messages from Michelle were found and in one of the messages she had written, “I’m just insane. I went to a crazy institute.” On top of that, Howard also mentioned that Michelle once tried to kill herself so he took her to a hospital and it was found that she had paranoia.

Later, Howard provided the call recordings in August 2015, where she threatened him to do as she say. She said that she would make Howard’s naked video and phone sex public if he didn’t do as she say.

Michelle lost her case in 2015

She had made various allegations against her ex-husband Howard but in 2015 the superior court decided to take Howard’s side after listening to call records.

The court also felt that Howard was threatened as they found Michelle “exerted coercive control over Terrence.” Also, even though the court was in Howard’s favor they still called him a “bully.” So, when he asked restraining order against Michelle, his request was denied.

Howard had to pay over $1 million to Michelle in 2019

The Blast got their hands-on few court documents and they revealed that Michelle owed Howard more than $1 million in back support because he kept his Empire money hidden from her.

So in 2019, Michelle won against Howard and he had to pay her $263,137 in spousal support and an additional $1,055,970 due to his increased income.

Did Michelle re-married?

Michelle has kept a very low profile so we don’t know if she has married or not but her ex-husband Terrence Howard had married an Asian-American woman named Miranda Pak in October 2013.

However, it seems that Terrence is not successful when it comes to married life because he and Miranda got divorced on July 27, 2015. Terrence and Miranda share two sons.

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