Is Teresa Fidalgo’s Ghost Real or Fake?

Teresa Fidalgo

Teresa Fidalgo is actually a fictional character. She is the main character in a Portuguese short horror film which is titled A Curva. This film is just 12 minutes long and some excerpts of the film are on many sites like YouTube. There is an urban myth that the film was found in a Car Crash near a road in Sintra. It is a spooky horror plot. It has really incredible filming. And this has made it one of the most viewed films in the history of Portugal Cinema. But who created this film? Well, a person named David Roberdao claimed it but we don’t know for sure.

What is the Plot of the Film?

The film starts with a person driving a car at night on the road near Sintra and he films the conversation with broken sticks of his two fellow travelers present in the front seat. After a long time, they stop to take in a young woman who is lying motionless on the roadside. She is quite strange in appearance and tells them that her name is Teresa.

He gives vague directions for where she wants to go to the driver. And after getting into the car, the girl attacks the person carrying the camera. An accident takes place that kills the car occupants.

Why is the film so scary then? It is because of the accident that took place that in the same road. A young woman named Teresa Fidalgo was injured all the way back in 1983. And the hitchhiker that appeared in the film is non-other than the ghost of Teresa Fidalgo.

Is the film a hoax?

It could be a hoax and a person named David Rebordao has even claimed to be the one to film it. He also gave a deep clarification on the film and was fascinated when it gained so much clout from the internet. It is the most-watched short film in Portugal’s history. The actual version of the film is not available on the Internet. But it is sold on DVD. There is also a social media post with the video from this film and the captions generally read that if you don’t share the post, your mother will die in a month. This is not really real. It is just a hoax and since people are easily brainwashed, the post has gained massive popularity on the Internet.

So, What is the final verdict on the Teresa Fidalgo story?

Well, what happened to the real Teresa who got killed in a road accident back in 1983 is sad and unfortunate. But the short film that people have created is very much fake news. If we use our common sense, we can see many loopholes in the story and all of that concept of Teenage Ghost with paranormal energy is just fake news. People are also confused about that social media post and that is just pure dumb fun. Some meme lord basically found it funny unironically and then made it up.

The Director who says his name is David gave an interview on Channel TV. He said that he was very fortunate and even surprised to see his story gain such a huge following and longevity. He is also surprised that people actually believed it and now he is getting the funds from the fans to make more films.

If you are a youngster reading this article, just remember that the story is quite fake and we hope we were able to open your perception of this story as well. You can definitely share your own thoughts on the story and let us know if you think it is real or fake!

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