Who Was Ted Jorgensen? Is He Really Jeff Bezos’ Father?

Ted Jorgensen
Date of Birth Oct 10, 1944
Birth Place Chicago
Profession Shop Owner
Son Jeff Bezos

Amazon is one of the largest company and we all know about it’s billionaire founder Jeff Bezos. A wealthiest man in the planet.

So, his family members are also the hot topic on internet and many people search on internet about his family and personal life.

Let’s find out who is Ted Jorgensen and what is his part in Jeff Bezos life?

Ted Jorgensen was a bike shop owner and his shop was located in Arizona. He is the biological father of Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon INC.

Who was Ted Jorgensen?

Ted Jorgensen was born on October 10, 1944 and his birth place was Chicago. He spent most of his lives on Glendale, Arizona. Jorgensen is a owner of his owned bicycle shop named Road Runner Bike Center.

Ted Jorgensen was married to Jacklyn Gise in early 1960s. At that time, they were school students and they also had a son named Jeffrey who was born on 1964.

After that this couple divorced and Jacklyn was married to Miguel Bezos. After legally Adapting, Jeffrey Jorgensen by Miguel, he changed the kid name to Jeff Bezos.

After Ted and Jacklyn divorced, he married to another woman named Linda and stayed forever until their death. This couple spent 27 years of togetherness.

Ted Jorgensen didn’t know about his son until few years before his dead in 2015. Jeff Bezos is only a biological child of Ted and besides that he also had a four step children.

After Parents Divorce Jeff Bezos Life

After Ted and Jacklyn get divorced there was no any contact between Ted and his ex-wife as well as his biological son Jeffery Jorgensen.

Jacklyn did a marriage with Mike Bezos in 1968 and started to live with him. Also, Mike legally adopted his step son Jeffery Jorgensen and changed his name to Jeff Bezos.

Mike used to work in a Exxon company, so this couple moved to Houston and later they again shifted to Miami. Where Jeff Bezos was attending Miami Palmetto High School.

Jeff was good on his studies and he finally, graduated in 1982. After that he finished his degree from Princeton University in electrical engineering and computer science.

With lots of hustle and hard work Jeff Bezos finally, managed to open his own office on garage in 1994. The investment money was of $300,000 which he lend from his parents warning it can also go on waste and I would never recover it.

But time has another plan for Jeff Bezos he quickly grew his book online store business to mega e-commerce store and made company public in 1997.

At that time, the company was already started to making millions of dollars. He quickly grew the company and also get loan of $2 billion to buy other smaller online e-commerce business to dominate the marketplace.

No Reunion of Father and Son

After their divorce, they never made any contact with each other. Which made Jeff Bezos to never learn about his biological father.

Even Ted Jorgensen was not aware of about his son, who was already turned into billionaire and also one of the richest man on earth ever lived.

Later Jorgensen, know about his biological son on 2012. When Ted met a writer who was on his bike shop to interview with him about his son. At that time, Brad stone was writing a book about Jeff Bezos life.

At the interview Ted also said that he was not a good father for Jeffery nor a good husband for his wife.

He also said he hoped to establish a connection with his son not for a wealth but just to shake a hand with him and want to say Jeff Bezos that he has done well.

On the other side, Bezos seems that he is not interested on his biological father. Since, there was no any connection between them and he only knew that his father was Miguel. Anyway, Jeff Bezos wrote a letter to his father.

At the age of 70, on March 16, 2015. Jeff Bezos biological father Ted Jorgensen passed away. He failed to meet his biological son but anyway his business small bike shop is running fine and it has a great rating from local community.

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