Who is Tayshia Adams parents?

Tayshia Adams is one of the famous and popular American television personalities. She was born on September 4, 1990, in Newport Beach, California, United States. She has a mixed background of Africa and Mexico as her father Desmond Adams is an African-American and her mother Rosario Adams is a Mexican.

Tayshia grew up with her parents and siblings. When she was in her high school year she was hit by a truck and she missed school for almost two or three months. She suffered from chronic pain for years after the unfortunate event.

She started her career in 2019 with The Bachelor. She was later eliminated by the show but later she was again seen in the Bachelor in Paradise. In this piece of the blog post, we will be looking inside Tayshia’s personal life and especially we will be talking about her parent’s Desmond and Rosario Adams.

Who is Tyshia’s, Father Desmond Adams?


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As mentioned above Tyshia’s father Desmond Adams is an African-American and he also got himself quite a few fans after he said in Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor that “you cannot microwave relationships.” Having faced some rough patches in the past, Tayshia needs me to step into that protective mode, and like her dad, I can’t seem to get out of it, ‘I cannot bear to watch her suffer again.” He said.

A few years ago on June 17, 2013, Tyshia also wrote a few beautiful lines for her father on the occasion of father’s day on her Instagram post. “Through great times and tough love, many lessons were taught to me by this man. You are wild but I wouldn’t change the way you are for anything in the world! Happy Father’s Day.” She wrote on the caption. She also shares pictures of her dad every now and then. We can say that Tyshia is close to her father and they both love each other very much.

Who is Tyshia’s Mother Rosario Adams?

Just like her father, Tyshia’s mother also loves her very much and supports her and they are pretty close as well which Tyshia has also spoken of in several interviews. Tyshia who is a native of California says that her mother is the sweetest woman.

On the occasion of Mother’s day, Tyshia posted a short clip on her Instagram account with her mother with the caption “To my number 1, Happy Mother’s Day. I could not be able to function without you, I wish to be everything you are. With a side of spice and fire, she is the classiest, sweetest, most generous woman you would ever meet. Mama, I love you to the moon and back and then some.” (Please note that words have been changed due to copy right)

As Rosario loves her daughter very much, naturally she is also protective about her child which she made clear on when her daughter Tyshia went on The Bachelor.

“As your mother, I will do everything in my power to protect you. I just want to ensure you are loved unconditionally and treated with respect and dignity.“ Rosario said.

Years of Married Life

As per the report, Tyshia’s parents Desmond and Rosario Adams have been married for more than three decades. They love each other very much and their family is really close as they upload several pictures together on social media every now and then.

Siblings of Tyshia

As mentioned above Tyshia grew up with her sibling and she is pretty close with them, she even uploads pictures of her siblings every now and then.

She has a brother named Desmond Jr. and Brice who are really younger than her and she also has a sister named Dominique who is a graduate of a prestigious United States Naval Academy. It seems that she is trying to be a pilot.

“White noise and the fun perks can easily distract you. Despite how rapidly life is moving, I have had to take a moment to reflect on what is important and what isn’t. In spite of being on a TV show, I am a very private person who values her faith, family, and friends above all else, I will always remain true to who I am no matter what opportunities come my way. This image represents Tayshia. I’m reminded of who I am at my core when I have moments like these.” She posted a selfie picture with his brother with the caption above.

Reunite of Bachelorette Contestants Who Were Eliminated

There is an episode where all the contestants of Bachelorette who were eliminated will be joining together to and say their side of the story. The episodes were telecasted on Monday, December 14, 2020, at 8 p.m. In the episode, there were everyone who were eliminated and sent back home including Yosef, Ed, Kenny, Demar, and Jason and they talked about season 16’s ups and downs.

Tyshia Talks About Racial Prejudice

In June 2020 many people joined the Black Lives Matter protest including Tyshia. As mentioned above she was a biracial child as her father is an African-American and her mother is from Mexico, growing up she also faced racism and prejudice which she wrote about on her Instagram.

“Yesterday was like no other day in my life. Despite being the minority, I’ve never spoken about my race. Since I had no idea anything different existed, I also did not want to bring attention to something that might make people look at me differently or not as equals. I didn’t experience my first cognitive encounter with someone disliking me based on the color of my skin until 4th grade. For my siblings and me, my parents sacrificed so much so that I was surrounded by people who encouraged me to embrace my uniqueness. Throughout my life, I’ve encountered many people who tried to intentionally make me feel inferior, but I’ve learned from a young age that God’s light within will always shines brighter than any dimming source.” She posted a picture with the caption which also gave a shout-out to her parents.

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