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About Billy Beane’s Wife, Tara Beane (Wiki, Net Worth)



Tara Beane
Date of Birth 1964
Birth Place San Diego
Husband Billy Beane

Tara Beane is not a celebrity but she is a wife of a famous American baseball former player Billy Beane. Tara is famous because of her husband.

She was born on 1964 in San Diego, California, United States of America. We do not have any information about her childhood, parents or siblings.

And she is also a second wife of Billy Beane. She is very fortunate to marry her childhood friend, whom she knows well from her teenage.

Tara is Billy Second Wife

There is no any exact information about her because she came in limelight after only marrying Billy Beane. It is come to know that both of them were childhood friends and grew up together in San Diego.

But they were not in relation and it is just 1999 year when they choose each other as a life partner. It looks like they were not together when Billy was on his career stage. They also have one daughter named Casey.

Before marrying Tara, Billy was a married man and Tara is his second wife. Billy first wife was American Tennis Player Cathy Sturdivant.

They both get married on 1986 and this was the peak time of Billy Beane, because he was playing in the Major League Baseball as outfielder from his team Oakland Athletics.

He also played with many top baseball clubs like New York Mets, Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins.

Her Husband’s Previous Marriage

Before marrying Tara, Billy was a married man and was married to American Tennis Player Cathy Sturdivant and his first marriage was take place in 1986.

At this time Billy was one of the finest and very famous baseball player who was also at top of his career time. We don’t know the exact reason but later this couple break their tie and they ended their relation but Casey was already born at that time.

Tara And Billy Re-United after he stop playing

Tara and Billy were on relationship but after he stop playing baseball and focus his career as a front executive for Oakland Athletics than there comes a re-unite between Tara and Billy.

Billy was not performing well on his career and he started to play in minor league.

After this the couple who did break-up reunited and married in 1999. By now this couple has two children on is named Brayden and another is daughter Tinsley, both of them were born in 2008.

Tara has Step Daughter Casey Beane

From Billy first affair Tara has a step daughter and her name is Casey Beane and she is also way older than her current children.

Casey was born in 1991 and she completed her education by 2008, right after she completed her high school she graduated from Kenyon College and it was time of 2012.

Now she is working on Citadel firm as an investor relation and she is doing her best over there.

Net Worth

We don’t have information about the net worth of Tara Beane but her husband is very rich. Because of his successful career in baseball, Beane had gained a certain level of fame and fortune.

He was also one of the most demanded player of the time. So, his net worth is around $14 Million and Annual Salary of $3 Million.

Who is Billy Beane?

William Beane III was born in 1962 on March 29. He is an American Pro Baseball Player and a current front office worker. He is also an executive vice president of baseball operations.

In addition, he has a minority share in the Oakland Athletics of the Major League Baseball. His entrepreneurial work doesn’t end here though. He also has shares in Barnsley FC of the EFL Championship in England and AZ Alkmaar of the Eredivisie in the Netherland.

Talking about Beane’s career, he played in the MLB from 1984 to 1989. He played as an outfielder for the New York Mets, Detroit Tigers, Oakland Athletics and much more.

He joined his front office work as a scout in 1990. Billy was named the General Manager of the year after the 1997 season and he was even promoted to Vice President after the 2015 season.

Billy was picked in the first round of the draft by the NY Mets. But his first year was abysmal. He couldn’t meet the expectation that was set for him. Later, his managerial career became inspiring.

Beane applied a novel technique of Statistical Analysis to baseball. This led him to value players more effectively and he made a team of winners. His managerial journey is documented in a book called Moneyball and it was also made into a film that stars Brad Pitt.

Billy Beane’s Portrayal in Moneyball

If you watch a lot of films, you might remember the movie called Moneyball. Well that movie is made with Michael Lewis’ book of the same name. The book was released in 2003 and it quickly became the best selling book of that year. The book actually gets into Billy’s method of using Statistics to make a team capable of winning the title in budget. They make a software to use Sabermetric Principles to do that.

The book was turned into 2011 film Moneyball. This was the movie where Beane was played by the famous Brad Pitt. His performance was so good, it even made him get an Oscar Nomination for the Best Actor Award as well. The film also broke all kinds of records and was viewed by a lot of people. Still to this day, the film does great in terms of ratings and everything.

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