Who is Tammy Collins’ Daughter, Kennedy Franklin?

Kennedy Franklin is famous for being a cheerleader. She is currently serving as the Executive Assistant at KS Lewis Media. And she is the daughter of the famous American Gospel singer Kirk Franklin. Kennedy is a graduate of Baylor University, She is 24 years old currently and has gotten an incredible success in the media industry. She is also pretty popular because of her social media.

In this article, we are going to be exploring some of the details about Kennedy’s career, parents and we are also going to get to know more personal facts about her. So, let’s begin.

Who Is Kennedy Franklin?


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Kennedy Franklin is the youngest daughter of Kirk Franklin and Tammy Collins. Kennedy was born in the year 1997 on the 4th of May. She is currently 24 years of age. Kennedy grew up with her parents in her hometown and she has a nice relationship with her parents. Kennedy actually likes to spend time with her parents and she constantly shares the pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

Just a month ago, She shared a really beautiful photo she had with her dad on Instagram. On the post accompanying the picture, she wrote a heartfelt message where she expressed her unwavering love for her father.

In terms of studies, Kennedy has a clean academic background. She was very good at school. After finishing high school, she went to Baylor University where she finished her bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Then, In 2020 she joined the Savannah College of Art and Design for studying Advertising.

All about her siblings

kirk with his daughter

Kennedy has three siblings; Carrington, Caziah, and Kerrion. Carrington is her brother who was born from a previous relation that her mother had and Kerrion is another older brother from her dad’s side. We don’t know exactly but it is rumored that her relationship with her brother Kerrion is not that great. Kerrior looks to be the odd man out though as he is not even invited to family gatherings. In the same way, Caziah is her actual biological brother who is way younger than her. She also shares a great relationship with all her siblings.

What is Kennedy Franklin’s career? What work does She perform for a Living?

While she was studying at Baylor University, Kennedy used to be the Cheerleader for the college football team. But as a professional, she has been all over the place in terms of her career. She started as a Receptionist at Baylor University and then went on to work as a Salesperson at Charming Charlie.

For a year she even worked as a cashier. She was a cashier at Spice Village. These jobs were all her college jobs and she did them to support her college life. But after when she finished her Journalism degree, she then went on to intern at Essence Magazine. After ending the internship, she joined Fo yo Soul Entertainment in 2020. She became the Executive Assistant in the company and worked there for 12 months. Right now, she is the Executive Assistant of KS Lewis Media. Kennedy joined this company recently and she now has a really great job here.

Family Feud

The Franklin family is kind of messed up. They have a lot of controversies and a lot of bad blood. Kerrior, who is the half-brother of Kennedy is the black sheep of the family and he has some major unresolved issues with his dad. The father-son relationship is quite bad and this has led to criticism and controversy too. There is a leaked audio where you can hear the father shouting at his son with really vulgar words. In the phone call, there are some messed up and abusive things being said.

Kennedy’s Bad Online Experience

It was back in 2017 when Kennedy had a really bad time online. She was targeted by religious people and she got mad bullied. While their identity was not revealed, her father came to her rescue and fired back at the bullies.

Kennedy’s Relationship Status

We don’t know much about Kennedy’s relationship status and we don’t even know her ex-relationships too. But one thing we know is that she is in no way married (at least as of 2021). She doesn’t seem like the one to get married soon. So, what about relationships then? Is she dating? We don’t think so. We believe that she is single right now. There is also a high possibility that she has actually kept everything under the wraps. We may never know!

Back in 2016, she did post a few posts for her boyfriend but she did not reveal the name. Kennedy is a private person so, she doesn’t want anyone getting information about her.

Social Media Fame


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As she is the daughter of Tammy Collins, Kennedy has enjoyed the privilege and this can also be seen in her Social Media. Kennedy is extremely famous on Social Media platforms. She uploads a lot of pic on Instagram and she also has a Twitter account to speak her mind. Her Instagram has a modest following that exceeds 32K. She posts a lot of revealing pictures on her Instagram. She also has around 12K followers on Twitter which is not bad.

How much is Kennedy Franklin’s net worth?

Kennedy is just 24 right now but she has become the Executive Assistant of different companies. In addition, she is also a social media influencer who earns with her social media posts and brand endorsements. While we don’t know what her exact net worth is, if we have to make an assumption, it would be from anywhere around $100,000 to $1 Million.

Who is Tammy Collins; daughter, Carrington Franklin?

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