Who is Tammy Collins’ daughter, Carrington Franklin?

Carrington Franklin

Carrington Franklin is the daughter of the famous American gospel singer Kirk Franklin. She is an adopted child but she is the eldest daughter in the Franklin family. Carrington has a great career right now. She is the CEO and Creative Director at Liz Kennedy Brand Management. Her successful career in the world of marketing has also helped her gain Social Media stardom. Besides that, she is married as well. But who is she married to and what’s her life like? In this article, we will answer all these questions so, let’s get started.

Carrington Franklin is the Adopted Daughter of Kirk Franklin

Kirk is not the biological father Carrington. She was actually born to her mother Tammy Collin and the relationship that she had before she met Kirk. In a way, Kirk is Carrington’s step-father as well. When Tammy married Kirk, he adopted Carrington as her own kid and since then, it has been said that Carrington is the actual first child of Kirk. She was born in the year 1989 in the USA. Right now, Carrington’s age is 32.

Carrington’s Education and Siblings

Carrington is a highly educated person. She completed her schooling at a local school in her hometown and then attended Baylor University from the year 2007 to 2011. In 4 years, she got a degree in Journalism, Public Relations, and Management well.

After getting a journalism degree she then went to the Dallas Baptist University to do her post-graduate. Her degree in this school came in Arts and Organizational Communication Management. After that, she has been involved in her field.

Moving on to her siblings, Carrington is not the only kid in the family. She has other three siblings namely Kennedy Franklin, Kerrion Franklin, and Caziah Franklin. Kerrion was born from her father’s former relationship with Kennedy. On the other hand, Caziah was born from her parent’s marriage together.

Relationship With Her Parents

Franklin’s relationship with both her parents is very good. Her relationship with her father Kirk is even stronger despite him not being her biological dad. The relationship she has with her father Kirk seems quite good. She is very proud of her father and often shares the photos she has of him on Social media. She also doesn’t miss occasions with her. Birthday, Father’s Day, Marriage, and every other occasion, the two are together.

In the January of 2019, she also shared a beautiful photo of her parents on her Instagram wishing them on their Marriage Anniversary. She wrote a really good caption too.

Carrington’s Career as the CEO Of Liz Kennedy Brand Management

Carrington currently leads a very successful career in the world of marketing. Her role as the CEO and creative director at the Liz Kennedy Brand Management is doing her quite well. She leads a very good life in Business.

Before this, she worked for many other organizations as well. First, she started her career as an intern for the KLTY Christian Radio. She worked there for a year before joining the corporate world as an intern at Karmen Johnson & Associates. She then did another internship at Girl Scouts of Central Texas. Carrington was with the Girl Scouts for around a month.

After these internships, she started her first job. She was a Social Media and Marketing Manager at UT Arlington and she continued her education here as well. She worked for around 18 months in the company. Carrington became an Executive Assistant at Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities for around a year.

She also worked as an Event Coordinator at The University of Texas at Arlington. She worked there for around a year.

Carrington Franklin is Married to Maxx Nakwaasah

Maxx proposed to Carrington in 2015 at a Botanical Garden in Dallas Texas. Carrington shared this on her Instagram. She wrote that she felt quite good when Maxx proposed. The couple is close to each other right now as they got married quite soon after.

They had actually met for the first time all the way back in the year 2009. It was when Carrington was just 20 years of age. They started dating when in 2011 and they have been together ever since. The two share a great relationship with each other and we hope that it continues in the future.

Maxx currently works at a hedge fund. She is a senior fund accountant at Hudson Advisors. The two have also been blessed with a son named Shiloh. They welcomed their kid on the 13th of April in 2020. The newborn weighs about 7 pounds and 14 ounces. He was 19 inches at the time of his birth. Carrington shared the photos of her dear child in Instagram. The family lives in Dallas right now.

Carrington is on Social Media

Carrington is very famous on Social Media. She is available on Instagram and Twitter both. As of 2021, she has around 67K followers on Instagram. She is also quite famous on Twitter with 7K followers.

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