Who is Actress Taliah Webster? About Her Career and Life

Taliah Webster

Taliah Webster is an American actress, and she came to the limelight after her debut or first film ‘Good Time’ which was released on August 11, 2017. Even though it was her first film, she worked with famous actors and directors like Robert Pattinson and Safdie Brothers.

Furthermore, her performance in the film was really great as she even got an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Supporting Female. So is Taliah working on new films? what is she doing now? when is her birthday?

When was Taliah Webster born?

Taliah was born on May 23, 1998, and she grew up in Bronx, New York. Her full name is Taliah Lennice Webster and her zodiac sign is Gemini. Although she was born in 1998, there are various sources, that suggest Taliah was born in the 2000s.

She has studied acting in high school and she also studied at HB studio. As per the sources, she studied in A.K.A TAPCO. Furthermore, she got into the film industry after her teacher asked her to go to a casting call and certainly she was selected for the role.

How did she land a role on Good Time?

It was told by a cast member that Taliah was found during the open call. According to the members, she was really young at the time, and the crew was not looking for a young girl.

“I think she was 14, but she was just sass. She went to a school in the Bronx [where] she had an acting class and her teacher told her about [the open call] and her grandmother brought her,” said the casting director of the film Jennifer Venditti.

Also, when asked if the director and the producers were looking for newcomers for the film, the Safdie brothers replied, “Yes. Jennifer Venditti and her casting team were basically combing different groups of society and streets, stopping people and doing open casting calls.”

And according to the Safdie brothers, there were six hundred (600) people who came for the audition or open casting call to play the character of “Crystal.”

More to it, Jennifer said that she and her crew were looking for newcomers and not the superstars to make it more thrilling and suspenseful. It was also reported by Jennifer that there were girls who would’ve been or were hotter and sexier than Taliah, but she also said that Taliah was not trying to be like them.

Taliah Webster’s career

As mentioned above, Taliah’s debut film is ‘Good Time’ and right after that in 2018, she worked in a short film ‘Hair Wolf’ where she portrayed the character of Eve. A year later in 2019, she worked on a television series ‘Caper’

She also shared her experience in her debut film, she said that it was a really good experience for her and it was also really fun to work with co-stars and the Safdie brothers. Overall she said,

“It’s amazing. You never think that you are the first thing that you do in the acting business would be a movie and it’s a pretty great movie. It was fun being with Rob. That’s my admiration. I adore this man. I’ve watched every single Twilight, so it was like actually doing it is just fun.”

She was last seen on the television series Caper, and after that, she has not been seen in any film or television series. So has she quit acting? no, she has not at least that is what she said in 2017 when she was asked about her upcoming projects. She said, “Whatever comes is whatever I’m trying to take. any films that come towards me, I’m willing to take it.”

Taliah has a boyfriend?

While it is unclear if she is dating or not but on January 18, 2019, she posted a picture on her Facebook account where we can see a man holding her up, and we are positive that she was her boyfriend however, we are not sure if the two are still together or not as Taliah is not much active on social media and also she has not spoken much about her personal life.

There is also a picture of a baby on Taliah’s Facebook account which was uploaded back on August 16, 2021, and it seems that Taliah is the mother of the baby shown in the picture.

Taliah has watched Twilight over 500 times

As you may have already guessed that Taliah is a huge fan of the Twilight film series starring Robert Pattinson. So as a huge fan of the film series, she was in awe to have worked with Rob however, when she met him, she did not show how obsessed she was with Pattinson.

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