Who is Sylvester Stallone’s First Wife, Sasha Czack?

stallone with Sasha Czack

Sylvester Stallone is a well-known personality, he is an American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer, and a successful person. He is best known for his role as “Rambo.” But what many people don’t know is when he had no one around him his first wife “Sasha Czack” was there for him, standing as a shield for him in his ups and downs. She was the one he loved but now she has only become one of his memory or just a part of his life.

Many people don’t know about “Sasha” but she once was the love of an action superstar Sylvester Stallone. She sacrificed her chances or opportunities for her love and they even succeed as her husband became one of the most iconic action superstars. But sadly the couples could not continue their relationship and decided to separate and got divorced.

Today in this blog post we will be talking about the first wife of an action star Sylvester Stallone, her early life, her career, and what she is up to nowadays.

Sasha Czack

Are you wondering who Sasha Czack is? worry not, I am here to answer that. Sasha Czack is really popular because of her husband Sylvester Stallone, she was the first wife of the action star. According to the reports she is also a photographer, model, actress, and director. The couple had two children “Seargeoh Stallone,” and “Sage Stallone” who are both actors. Sasha and Sylvester got married on December 28, 1974, and they separated on February 14, 1985.

Sage Moonblood
Late Sage Moonblood


By the way, her birth name is Alexandra Jane Czack and she was born on July 15, 1950, in Chester, Pennsylvania, United States. According to her birth date, her zodiac sign is Cancer. There is no information about her parents, according to various sources she was really interested in acting since her childhood.

Her Education

She went to a college in her hometown and later she joined St. John’s senior high school, after that she enrolled at the University of Notre Dame du Lac, the USA for her higher studies from where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in media studies.

Start Of Her Career

After she graduated from the University she started her journey as a photographer and later famous personality “Andy Warhol” praised her work. Along with photography, she was also hunting for acting assignments as she was interested in acting. After looking for an acting job, she got a role in American CBS Network Soap Opera “Love for Life.”

That role lead her to director Frank Perry as he noticed and was impressed with her work. After that, she was offered to play the lead role in the American drama “Play It as It Lays” but she turned down the opportunity because of her fiancee at the time Sylvester Stallone. He was working on a movie project and he wanted her to stay with him in New York and help him with the project, reports even say that Sasha even worked as a waitress and film’s still photographer to help and support him in the project. The project is now we all know as “Rocky.” As she was really interested in photography besides acting she had captured some pictures of the movie as mentioned before, after the huge success of “Rocky” they made the sequel of the movie and in “Rocky III” Sasha even shared a screen with her husband Sylvester Stallone.

How Did Sasha & Sylvester Met?

sasha with sylvester

There is no information about how they met exactly but we can assume that they both met while working or looking job as I mentioned above “Andy Warhol” praised Sasha’s work and Sylvester was at places like Studio 54 in New York often. Wherever they may have met gradually they fall in love, as mentioned above she even her own career for her future husband Sylvester for his project. After few years of dating, they finally got married on 28 December 1974. Their wedding was covered by various media as Sylvester had already become a superstar and was successful. After that, the couple moved to California.

Sasha has two children with Sylvester. She gave birth to her first son on May 5, 1976, who they named Sage Stallone. And after 1 and a half years of their marriage. And in 1979 she gave birth to her second child who they named Seargeoh Stallone. But unfortunately, when Seargeoh was 3 years old he got diagnosed with autism.

At the time Sylvester was working day and night and Sasha was trying to cure her son, they were living in a different world and later their son became the reason for their divorce as she knew that her husband was working and could not get involved with their son she used to ask for money for their son but Sylvester he said, “all of her priorities was to find the cure and there would be no fun in the future that way.”

End Of The Years Of Relationship

While Sylvester was busy working for the movie “Rambo” Sasha was constantly trying to cure her son and their marriage could not go on as the couple decided to get a divorce after living 11 years together. They separated on February 14, 1985, their divorce was high profile which was settled with Sasha getting $12 million from Sylvester. The main reason for their divorce was their son Seargeoh Stallone.

Second Marriage Of Sasha

After the divorce, Sasha focused on her career, and also she was involved with institutions that helped people suffering from Autism, and after few years in 1996 she met with Rick Ash. Sasha and Rick fell in love and they married after dating for a year. The couple also worked together in the 2003 film “Shade.”

They were happily married but unfortunately, their marriage did not last long as the couple separated, as for the date and reason for their divorce are unknown to this day.

Sylvester also married Brigitte Nielsen who worked with him in “Rocky IV.” But they could not continue their relationship as husband and wife for long, the couple split up on 1987, July 13. Ten years after Sylvester separated from his second wife Brigitte he got married again to an American model and businesswoman (currently) Jennifer Flavin since the couple are living happily, let’s wish for their marriage to long for the rest of their life.

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