About Sylvester Stallone’s Son, Sage Stallone

Sage Moonblood
Late Sage Moonblood

Sage Stallone is the late son of the actor, Sylvester Stallone. Sage himself was an actor, director, and producer. He also co-founded a company named Grindhouse Releasing. He was the oldest son of Sylvester Stallone. Today, we are going to be taking a look at Sage’s life and death and see what legacy he has left behind.

A Child Prodigy

Ever since childhood, Sage was a really great actor. His was nicknamed “Stoney” by people who were close to him. He was born on the 5th of May in 1976. His hometown is LA, California. And his mother Sasha Czack. Sasha is the first wife of actor Sylvester Stallone who has two more wives actually.

Anyway, Sage also had a younger brother Seargeoh who is also a famous actor. Similarly, Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet are his three sisters who are the children of Stallone’s third wife. Sage went to the Montclair Preparatory School. He passed out of school in 1993 and then attended the University of North Caroline from 1994. Sage majored in Arts and studied filmmaking.

When he was just a child, Stallone made many guest appearances on a show called ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’ which was produced and hosted by his grandmother Jackie. After these appearances, he made his acting debut at the age of 14 when he acted alongside his father in the movie Rocky V in 1990. Rocky is a blockbuster series of the 80s and Sage was a part of it. He played the role of Robert Balboa Jr in the movie. But he did not come back for Rocky VI as he had his own schedule. Also, he was only 15 back then.

Sage Stallone’s Acting and Directing Career

After this brief stint as a child actor, he kind of went away from the entertainment industry and focused on his studies. But he did act in lesser profile films. Similarly, in 1996, Sage and Bob Murawski co-founded a company called Grindhouse Releasing. This company is dedicated to restore and preserve classic films like Cannibal Holocaust and Gone with the Pope. These old films have analog recordings that can be damaged quite soon so, this company does the job of preserving them.

Since Stallone went to an Art school and studied film making, he has some direction credits to his name too. His first film was a short film titled Vic and he won the award of Best new filmmaker at the 2006 Boston Film Festival for it. It was an independent project.

His last projects were the appearances he made in Vincent Gallo’s films like Promises Written in Water and The Agent. Both of these films were also shown in the 2010 Venice Film Festival and in the Toronto Film Festival as well. But after that, he hasn’t really done any movies.

How did Sage Stallone die?

In 2012, Stallone was found dead at his home in the 8100 block of Mulholland Terrace in Studio City, Los Angeles. He was gone missing for 4 days before his death. At the scene of the death, police found empty prescription bottles but when the autopsy was done and the toxicology reports came in, it was revealed that the reason for death was not an overdose. It was actually a health problem. Sage died of Coronary artery disease which was caused by Atherosclerosis. There wasn’t any kind of drugs detected in him other than the over-the-counter pain killers. At the time of his death, Stallone was engaged and was about to marry. But unfortunately, the marriage ceremony got replaced by his funeral. A very sad contrast.

Stallone’s Mom blames the Pain Killers

sasha with sylvester

Just weeks before Sage Stallone died, his mom told him not to undergo a really extensive dental surgery. Sage always had problems with his teeth and he was undergoing a serious dental surgery. At the time of his death, the 36 year old Sage was taking pain pills on the regular. He had five teeths pulled out as a part of his surgery. This surgery took place just 2 weeks before he died.

His mother Czack admitted in an interview that she did not want him to get that Surgery cos she had heard about people dying because of doing many surgeries on their mouth. Czack also said that the pain of taking out five teeth is immense and this was why his son was doing so much Pain Killers.

What was Sage’s Net Worth at the time of his death?

Sage, at the time he died, was financially secured. He had a multi millionaire father and he himself had a small amount of money saved for himself. Plus he had a secure business, he wasn’t that famous so, he got his privacy and he had plenty of money so, things were going great for him. He had a net worth of more than $200K and he was making money to live a decent living. It is very sad that he had to die at such a young age.

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