About Sylvester Stallone’s Daughter, Sophia Rose Stallone

Sylvester Stallone's Daughter, Sophia Rose

Sophia Rose Stallone is the eldest daughter of the veteran actor Sylvester Stallone. She has been famous ever since her birth for being the daughter of the great Sylvester Stallone. Fans of Hollywood and the actor are all dying to know more about Sophia so, today we are going to take a look at her life. The star child has the potential to be a really good actress or a model but she might also be a bit more interested in entrepreneurship. So, let us get started and see what her life has been like.

Childhood and Early Life

Sophia was born on August 27th 1996 in the state of Florida. She was born in Miami and her mother is Jennifer Flavin. We already know who her dad is. Sophia belongs to mixed ancestry. Her ancestors were Italian from her father’s side and she is Irish from her mom’s ancestry. So, Sophia essentially grew up in a multi cultural household. The major part of her childhood was spent on the posh Suburb of Beverly Hills, LA.

She also went to school there. Sophia is the student at the University of Southern California. She majored is art history and communication. Also, her mother is actually Sylvester’s third wife. Stallone and Jennifer got together in the early 90s and after dating a couple of years, they got married in 1997, one year after Sophia was born.

The marriage was pretty big with a long list of invitations. A lot of the couple’s close friends and family were invited to the wedding. Even Sophia attended the wedding who was only one year old at this time. This was the first marriage for Sophia’s mom Jennifer while, as we said, it was the third one for Stallone.

Sylvester’s first marriage was with Sasha Czack, it lasted for 11 years. The pair got separated and then in 1985, he tied the knot with Brigitte Nielson.

About her Siblings

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Sophia has 4 siblings in total, two biological and two half ones. Her two biological sisters are Sistine Rose and Scarlet. Sistine was born in 1998 while Scarlet was born in 2002. All three of them are pretty beautiful. The sisters are closer to each other and are mostly inseparable. They all got the title of Miss Golden Globe back in 2017. This title is usually given to the girls by the Golden Globes.

Sophia also has two half brothers, both of whom are elder. Sage Stallone was born in 1976 and Seargeoh was born in 1979. The condition of her brothers is very unfortunate though. Sage has already passed away while her other brother Seargeoh was born Autistic.

Does Sophia Rose Stallone like acting?

Since Sophia is the daughter of the incredibly talented Sylvester Stallone, she might have her father’s acting skills too right? Well, you’d be surprised, Sophia is actually not really interested in acting. Instead, she likes business and wants to grow her own business someday.

She did an interview where she admitted that her first career choice is to be an entrepreneur. She added that she wants to run her own fashion company. Sophia also wants to mimic Kylie Jenner’s success and become a make-up mogul just like her. Sophia also has the necessary skill to become a very successful entrepreneur and she is hoping to be successful in this regard.

In the same interview she also gave the reasons why she doesn’t like to be an actress. Sophia cited the long shooting hours and the crazy Film industry as some of the reasons why she wants no part of it. Rather than act, she actually hosts her own podcast and even was a judge in a fashion show once.

Her business skills are also pretty good. She is making strides with her Podcast named Unwaxed. She hosts the show with her sister Sistine. They talk about different topics like fitness, day to day life, dating life, and more on this podcast. This podcast is available every Tuesday and it is released on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Does Sophia have health problems?

Yes, She does have some problems with her heart. It was 2012 and this year was very difficult for the Stallone family. Sylvester’s eldest son died of a heart attack and his sister Toni Ann died of lung cancer. But things did not stop here, his daughter Sophia started having heart problems. It was early in the same year when the doctor said that Sophia had a cardiac malformation. She had to get a surgery from the UCLA Medical center. But later she developed valve problems, this was after she had, what looked like a successful surgery at the time. She has recovered though now and is pretty happy and healthy right now. The whole Stallone family is quite healthy right now and we hope that they stay healthy in the coming years.

Sophia Rose Stallone’s relationship: Who is her boyfriend?


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When we took a look at her social media account, we found that Sophia doesn’t really have a boyfriend. She at least hasn’t posted anything in public. She was though previously linked with a boy called Connor Spear but they could have been just friends. As of now, Connor has stopped sharing pictures with Sophia and she herself has also not shared any pictures with Connor. She has mentioned some of her previous boyfriends in her Podcast and she also shares some funny stories there.

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Sophia’s dad has set boundaries and rules for her daughter. It is kind of like a normal dad behavior and the three siblings have said that their father is incredibly strict when it comes to dating and stuff. They also said that their dad likes guys with firm handshakes.

Net Worth

Sophia is a star kid and she basically has everything she desires. Her father has an incredible net worth of more than $400 million dollars. All his daughters get a monthly allowance and they will probably inherit the millions of dollars in the future. As of now, we don’t have any idea about Sophia’s actual net worth.

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