Who is Sylvester Stallone’s Daughter, Sistine Stallone?

Sistine Stallone

Sistine Stallone is an American Model as well as the daughter of Sylvester Stallone. But more than that, she is famous for her Instagram and her modelling career. Young people adore her and she gets a lots of likes on her posts and lives a pretty chill life.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at the life of Sistine and we are going to see what some of the top facts about her are. So, let us get started.

Birth and Childhood

Sistine was born as Sistine Rose Stallone on 27th of June 1998 in LA, California. She is the second daughter of Sylvester Stallone’s third wife Jennifer Flavin. Sistine has an older sister named Sophia who is an entrepreneur and her younger sister’s name is Scarlet who is trying to make it as a stand-up comedian.

All three sisters have the middle name “Rose.” Sistine also has elder half brothers Seargeoh and Sage. Sage is dead already as he had a really bad heart attack.

Sistine’s Education

Sistine went to the Notre Dame High School in California, she was a studious student and had impressive grades in School. She was also clear about her career, goals and professions. Since she chased after her career, she had to drop out of School. This is the reason why she did not go to college. Rather, she focused on her modeling career and made a name for herself as a successful person in the modelling industry.

Social Media Star


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Sistine keeps her private life to herself. But she has a massive social media account. Just like any other teenager and young adult, Sistine likes to upload beautiful pictures on Instagram and this has really made her famous on the platform. She has around 750K followers on the platform.

Involvement in Fashion Industry

Sistine has a massive place in the fashion industry and she is still very young. She has been working with some of the massive names in the world of fashion. She has a contract with IMG which is one of the most premier model management firms in the world today. This firm manages many top fashion models and designers. Sistine has also made appearances in front pages of some of the most famous fashion magazine that includes Harper’s Bazaar and a few others. She has also been honored with Miss Golden Globe in the year 2017.

Views on Acting

Despite being the daughter of a world famous actor, Sistine says that she does not like to act. She admits that she doesn’t have the patience and talent for it.  While it would be really easy for her to get into it, she just says that acting does not come natural. So, she prefers to model and pose on different magazines. She says that she likes the job that doesn’t require her to have patience and talk. She also says that the fame from acting is too much for her to handle.

Inspiration from her mother

stallone family

Sistine’s biggest inspiration in life his her mother who is also an incredibly great former supermodel. She is now an entrepreneur and this successful career inspires her daughter. Sistine says that she will work hard and get to the level of her mother and even surpass it in time. Sistine’s mother has also helper her daughter out in many ways.

Beginning of the Modelling Career

Sistine’s Modelling career essentially started when he was spotted by a famous photographer and wanted to click her pictures. At first, Sistine modelled for lesser known brands but then quickly moved on to working professionally when she signed a contract with IMG which is an international model management company. This company was the turning point in her career as the contract really helped her get the exposure. She started to get brand deals from many companies and a lot of famous models started to co-sign her as well.

Career Achievements

She is currently featured in some world class magazines such as Express, Town and Country and more. She was even on the cover of a magazine in Russia for a month. In terms of clothing brands, she has worked with brands like ‘Dolce and Gabbana’ and a few more. She also walked at the Milan Fashion Week. After that she walked in the Chanel Show where she shared the ramp with some models. Sistine was selected by Karl Largerfeld for this show who is a creative director, artist as well as a photographer, she is considered a top professional in the modeling industry.

Relationship with Sylvester


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The relationship she has with her dad is very good. Both of them like and love each other. Despite not following her father’s footstep, Sylvester still has nothing but love and respect for this daughter’s decision. He constantly supports her and he also uploads pictures with her daughter in their Instagram quite often.

Net Worth

We know that Sylvester Stallone is a really big shot in Hollywood. He has been one of the highest paid actors in the world and his net worth is just incomparable to most people. In today’s monetary value, Sylvester Stallone alone has a net worth that exceeds $400 million dollars. Sistine, on the other hand, is also a self made millionaire. Her Instagram is quite popular so, this gives her a number of ways of making money. Aside that she is a successful model under contract and her endorsements are also paying the bills for her. So, he is worth more than a million dollars easily. We don’t know the exact amount but it’s up there.

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