Superman Vs Batman, Who is Strongest?

batman vs superman

The recent release of the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has everyone talking about who is stronger, Batman or Superman? They are both very strong and powerful. So what makes them different from each other? This blog will compare their powers to see who would win in a fight.

Little About Batman

Batman can fly because he has a cape to help him glide on air currents. Superman flies using his own power by making himself lighter than the ground below him or by travelling in space where there is no gravity. The speed of both characters are very fast but this would depend on an unknown variable such as the weight of what they are carrying.

Intelligence, Wealth and Influence. Batman is a genius with many skills such as detective work, science, criminology and medicine. Superman has his own planet to help him live but he doesn’t need much money to have an influence on Earth because people trust him for being honest and good his good deeds.

Batman Power: The ability to be invulnerable and have super strength for long periods of time. Batman has a superpower too, he can’t be killed by anything like Superman because his body is covered in armour which makes him invincible as well as being strong enough to take on anyone who tries to kill him. Unfortunately, this power doesn’t last forever because it keeps him alive but he can die if his armour is too weak or taken off.

Superman Power: The ability to fly and shoot lasers out of their eyes as well as heat vision. Superman also has super hearing, X-Ray Vision and Super Breath which allows them to freeze things they don’t like such as water.

Batman Intelligence: Batman has high level of thinking and using his brain, he has also trained for many years to control his mind.

The ability to stay still in any situation and think about what is happening. He also assume and make great decisions which also has made him a leader of Justice League.

Superman Intelligence: He is in next level, he has everything thousand or million or even billion time much more compare to any human. And what he thought or plan is way superior than human.

Anyway, many times on comics we can see he also get depend on Batman strategy and plan. But this doesn’t mean he is way lesser than Batman.

Batman Wealth: Bruce Wayne is one of the richest man of Gotham City and his company is worth trillion dollar, making him one of the richest man on DCU.

Superman Wealth: He is born to farmer’s family and he is not so much rich compare to Batman.

Superman Vs Batman, Who is strongest?

For being honest and good his good deeds. Superman has superpowers as well but they are not the same because he can’t live without them unlike batman who just needs to make sure that he stays alive at all costs by wearing armour around him which doesn’t have any of those disadvantages..

Superman has the ability to fly and shoot lasers out of their eyes as well as heat vision. Superman also has super hearing, X-Ray Vision and Super Breath which allows them to freeze things they don’t like such as water.

Batman is intelligent enough because he can build anything that requires his intelligence from any gadget that he needs to any type of vehicle on top of that Batman has a lot more intelligence than Superman because he is always thinking about his next move which means that they can plan ahead and be prepared for anything.

Batman’s gadgets are full of tricks such as the Batarangs and smoke bombs so he doesn’t have to worry about not being able to fight if he is against a Superman because he can always rely on his gadgets.

Batman doesn’t have any super abilities but that does not mean that Batman would take him down in one punch, the reason why is because Batman has more experience than Super man and they don’t know what to expect from each other which means that Batman will most likely be able to take him down in one punch.

Batman is also a detective and Superman does not have any real experience when it comes to fighting crime, Batman has been at this for much longer than Super man so his skills are more advanced which means that he can take him out with ease if they were to fight each other.

Superman’s strength cannot be matched by Batman, Batman is just a normal human like us with no any super powers. But his strategy and tactics are very high.

The final answer is simple and easy, Batman is way much more powerful than Superman. And strength is completely unmatched between them.

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