Who Is Steven Seagal’s Son, Kunzang Seagal?

Kunzang Seagal

Kunzang Seagal is a famous celebrity child of the popular American Actor Steven Seagal and his wife Erdenetuya Seagal.

Kunzang was born in September 2009 and he was born in Los Angeles, USA, currently, he is living with his parents. And Kunzang’s parents got married in 2009. From his father’s ex-wives, Kunzang has six siblings.

Their names are Kentaro Seagal, Ayako Fujitani, Annaliza Seagal, Dominic Seagal, Arissa LeBrock, and Savannah Seagal. All of the siblings are born from the previous relations his dad had.

The Seagal kids share a very good relationship and they even frequently appear together on their parent’s social media posts.

Seagal is also not really active in Social Media. Maybe his parents are pretty concerned about his private life so, they don’t allow him to be on Social Media.

Kunzang was born in the year 2009 but at the time his parents were just in a relationship and they were still unmarried.

Kunzang father work

Kunzang ‘s father has directed and produced many movies and some of his successful movies include Above the Law, Fire Down Below, Prince of Central Park, and many others.

Moving on to his mother, she is a professional ballroom dancer. Once, she was considered one of the top female dancers in Mongolia. She also appeared in the 2019 movie General Commander along with her husband.

Kunzang’s father Steven is a pretty successful actor, screenwriter, producer, and martial artist even his mother is a dancer and actress.

Kunzang is Living Luxurious Life

Erdenetuya Seagal with her son Kunzang Seagal and husband

His father Steven Segal has managed to earn a lot of money throughout his career life and being the youngest member in the Seagal family, Kunzag is surely enjoying a lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

And after he was born his daily life was surrounded by Hollywood actors and politicians.

His family used to travel from time to time and they often spent their time on vacations. At the moment, Kunzang might be living at his luxurious $3.5 million home located in Los Angeles which has 12 acres of land, 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, a private home-theatre, three-car garage including an indoor summing pool.

How rich is his father?

Kunzang’s father is a very successful and rich actor who has already worked with world-famous actors and actresses from his massive experiences and hard work Steven Segal’s net worth is $16 million as per some sources.

He did many action roles in big-budget Hollywood movies and that gained him a lot of money. Seagal was also a producer and a movie star in this time and made his fortune from the movie business.

Kunzang’s Parents Love Life

His parents got married in 2009 but they were in a relationship from 2002 when Steven went to Mongolia to raise money for making his movie entitled ‘Mongol Empire Genghis Khan’. Where he met his future wife, Kunzang’s mother was working as an interpreter for his father because Steven didn’t know the Mongolian language.

Working together for a long time the couple fall in love and they decided to get married. Before Kunzang’s mother Erdenetuya got married to Steven he was already a married guy with 6 children from his past married life.

Kunzang’s father was in a relationship with three women before he married Erdenetuya. His first marriage was with married marital art instructor Miyako Fujitani, the couple did marry in 1974 but sadly, they did divorce in 1987.

When Steven was married to Miyako he was secretly building a relationship with another actress Adrienne La Russa, they got married in 1987 but divorce the same year.

Steven Segal With his ex-wife Kelly
Steven Segal With his ex-wife Kelly

After this incident, Steven still did not give up and he got married to actress and model Kelly LeBrock, they got married in 1987 but their relationship also didn’t last for long and they divorced in 1996.

After the divorce, he found his perfect wife and Kunzang’s mother Erdenetuya Seagal.

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