What is Steve Jobs’ Son, Reed Paul Jobs Doing These Days?

Reed Paul Jobs

Steven Paul Jobs better known by Steve Jobs was the CEO, Chairperson, and co-founder of Apple. Steve had a wife named Laurene Powell Jobs and they had a son together who was named Reed Paul Jobs. Reed is the only son of Steve and Laurene Jobs. Reed’s father Steve is considered one of the tech geniuses around the world even today and why wouldn’t someone think he’s a genius, Steve did drastically changed the whole world of tech or it’s industry.

Steve worked so hard for his company that he could not give much time to his family, especially to his children. Reed is the only son of Steve and Laurence, so their only child is Reed? No, they do have children named Eve Jobs, Erin Sienna Jobs, and half-sister Lisa Brennan, all the other children of Steve are daughters which is the reason earlier I mentioned that Reed is his only son.

As per the reports, while growing up Reed was just like his father Steve, very smart, intelligent, and quick learner. In this piece of article, we will be talking and uncovering all the details we have on Steve’s son Reed Paul Jobs.

Early Life of Reed Paul Jobs

Reed Paul Jobs was born only a few months after his parent’s marriage, on September 22, 1991. Reed has a mixed background of Syria, Swiss, German, and English. As Reed’s father was a billionaire, he lived a luxurious life in a 5,768 square feet mansion which was located in the Palo Alto corner of Waverly Street.

His first name “Reed” was inspired by Steve’s college “Reed” where Steve went to study and later dropped out and the first name of Steve’s adopted father was Paul so when Reed was born Steve and Laurence did not take much time when they named Reed his name.

He went to Crystal Uplands School and for his higher education, he went to the same college as his dad did, Reed College. He was there for a semester.

He grew up with his sisters Erin Sienna Jobs and Eve Jobs and he also has a half-sister Lisa Brennan-Jobs but we don’t know if they lived together or not. Talking about Reed’s sisters, Erin is a graduate student of Tulane University where Eve is a professional equestrian (horse rider) and his half-sister Lisa is an author.

Cancer Research Investor and Health Director Reed Jobs

Since he was in his school he was interested in studying cancer and he really wanted to study about it as in his senior year he presented his research report to the whole school and everyone in the school along with Steve were so proud of him. After graduating from high school he went to study in one of the prestigious universities in the world Stanford University from where he graduated in 2015 with a degree in Masters of Arts.

After Reed lost his father Steve to pancreatic cancer he began to study and research deeply about cancer. He currently works in a for-profit corporation founded by his mother Laurence called Emerson Collective. There Reed has been serving as the head director of the company since 2015.

Relationship Status of Reed Paul Jobs

According to a book called Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson, it was stated that Reed had a girlfriend back in 2010. When Steve and his family were out for dinner he asked his father Steve if he knows a nice place to go out on a date or dinner night with his girlfriend. Steve then suggested going to Il Fornaio restaurant but Reed had already tried going to the restaurant but could not get a reservation.

Just as they were talking, his sister Erin suggested that she would fit a lodge or a tepee for them in their backyard while his other sister Eve would set out a romantic bite or meal for the two of them.

Reed is not active on any social media and he also does not appear in public much and he keeps his personal life very private so we don’t know if he has any girlfriend now but we do hope his love from 2010 is still with him together.

One of the Most Humble Person

No matter what others say, Reed Paul Jobs is one of the most humble person in the world. When his father Steve passed away he was the one to inherit all of Steve’s wealth but he left all the wealth and fortune. After he left all the wealth his mother Laurence inherited the majority of his wealth. She now has a net worth of $20 billion.

Since Reed was born and grew in a luxurious lifestyle, he does enjoy a lavish life, but he along with his sisters are capable and smart people and they are all doing great in their respective fields. Talking about Reed he is now trying to change the cancer structure or scenario with his work and we are with him to support him and his dream.

Reed has three siblings

steve jobs family

Reed has three siblings and their name is Erin Siena Jobs, Eve Jobs and half-sister named Lisa Brennan Jobs. His elder biological sister Erin was born in 1995 and later youngest siblings on the family Eve was born in 1998. 

Also his half-sister is way older than him and Lisa was born in 1978. While Steve was busy building Apple he did his best to make his kids and family happy, he also managed to free the time for his kids.

Lisa the eldest daughter of Steve was born from the relation with Chrisann Brennan who was also a Steve school girlfriend and they were on relationship from their teenage.

Reed all sister are now grown up and they all are doing best on their field like his sister Erin is University graduate and Eve is a professional equestrian and his half-sister is an author.

As per report it has been found that all of these siblings are very close to each other and they also love as well as support each other. When Steve was alive he used to shower them with love and care equally.

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