Where is Steve Harvey Ex-wife, Mary Lee Harvey?

Mary Lee Harvey With Steve

Once Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Lee Harvey shared ugly detail about his husband where she claimed that Steve has destroyed her life.

What happened between these couples and why Mary has filed a case against Steve many times also, where is she now, lets find out.

Mary Lee Harvey is Steve Harvey’s Second Wife

Mary Lee Harvey is a makeup artist but she is famous for being the second wife of one of the most popular TV Host and comedian Steve Harvey. Mary was born Mary Lee Shackleford in 1960 and Her hometown is Texas.

Mary is American by birth and she has African-American ethnicity. We don’t have any information about her parents and her profession though. Mary has also kept the information about her education private.

While we don’t know where she worked or whether she went back to it after the divorce, we do know that she had a good enough career even more marrying Steve but she became really famous after her divorce.

Relationship and Divorce with Steve

Steve is pretty famous for his funny personality but married life was not so much fun for Steve and Mary.

Mary and Steve Harvey met each other when Steve had just divorced her first wife Marcia. At that time, Steve was working as a Comedian in Texas. The couple got together quickly and took their relationship further by getting married soon and they have one child who was born in 1997.

Steve has had multiple children from his multiple marriages. He has twin girls with his first wife named Karli and Brandi. He also has a stepson named Broderick Jr. and with his current wife, he has three children named Jason, Morgan, and Lori.

Steve and Mary divorced in 2005 and this news was covered by the media which became huge news at that time. The exact reason behind the divorce was the Cheating done by Steve.

Messy Divorce

mary and steve harvey

Mary said that he was cheating on her after he got into a relationship with Marjorie Bridges. The accusations were pretty true and it was proven when Steve married Bridges in 2007.

The situation got worse when Mary uploaded videos on YouTube and claimed physical and mental abuse from her ex-husband Steve. This really threatened Steve’s overall public image so, he took the legal route and filed a lawsuit against her.

Later, she lost her son’s custody dispute and she claimed that her husband took the Wynton from her.

The court did not find evidence against Steve so, they declared Mary’s claims as false charge. As per the Judge, she was receiving more than $40,000 per month with $1.5 million on her account.

Her false claims and many other illegal activities made her land in prison for more than 30 days but when she was released from jail she said that she had never broken the court rules and this was the plan of Steve to ruin her image.

Later in 2016, once again Mary filed a case against Steve where claimed $60 million for “murdering her soul” but she lost the case.

Her Husband Career

On the other hand, Who doesn’t recognize Steve Harvey? He is one of the most famous standup comics of his generation and he used to be an Amateur Boxer who has worked in various odd jobs.

He is an avid reader as well as a writer and some of his books include “Straight Talk, No Chaser,” “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man,” “Jump,” and “Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success.”

Steve made his debut in 1990 when he first signed up for a host position for “It’s showtime” he then made his TV debut by appearing in the sitcom titled “Me and The Boys“.

He also worked in various other projects such as “The Fighting Temptations,” “My Wife and Kids,” and “You Got Served.” Steve is famous for hosting “Little Big Shots,” “The Family Feud” game show, and the annual “Miss Universe” pageant.

Later on in his career, he had his own talk show called The Steve Harvey Show. Having a talk show on National TV is a really big deal.

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