Who Is Matteo Oliver Tucci? About Stanley Tucci’s Son

matteo oliver tucci

Matteo Oliver Tucci, many people search for this name and why would not they? because he is the youngest son of renowned actor Stanley Tucci and the first son of his wife Felicity Blunt. Stanley experienced an immense loss when his wife Kathryn Spath died and after that Matteo’s birth might be the happiest moment of his life.

However, this is not the first time Stanley became a father of a child, he also has children from his first marriage to or first wife Kate (Kathryn), since Matteo Oliver is the newborn son of The Hunger Games star Stanley, his fans want to know about Oliver.

So this piece will explain everything we know and have gathered about Oliver, so if you wish to know or learn about Stanley’s youngest son then I suggest you keep reading.

How old is Matteo Oliver Tucci?

According to the People, Oliver was born on January 25, 2015, Sunday, in London. So according to his date of birth, Oliver is currently 7 years old. Some of you guys may also be wondering about his name “Matteo” so if you are curious about his name then it might clear your curiosity, basically, Matteo is the Italian form of Matthew. Also since he was born on January 25 his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Certainly, both Stanley and his wife are happy about Oliver and they are still raising their son in a very good manner even though Stan has a very busy schedule. While Stan likes to keep his son private and away from all the paparazzi he does have shared a few things about Oliver.

Matteo has three half-siblings and one biological sister

While Oliver is the first child he had with his second wife Felicity, he is not the only child Supernova star has. From his first wife Kate, he had three children Isabel Concetta, Nicolo Robert, and Camilla Tucci. His daughter Isabel and son Nicolo are twins who were born on January 21, 2000, and Camilla was born in 2002. Oliver’s brother Nicolo has already entered the entertainment industry with his debut in the mini television series MotherFatherSon which was released in 2019.

Furthermore, Oliver also has a biological sister named Emilia Giovanna Tucci who is only 4 years old and was born in 2018.

As mentioned Oliver’s mother Felicity is the second wife of Stanley Tucci and before he married her, he was married to Kate. They got married back in 1995 and they were together for more than a decade, their bond was really strong and nobody could have thought that their relationship will come to an end. Sadly, the two got separated in 2009 when Kate died of breast cancer.

Certainly, it was very sad and tough for Stan but he said that his heart was broken but it hurt him more thinking about his children because they had to grow up without their mother.

Who is Matteo Oliver Tucci’s mother?

Oliver’s mother is an English woman named Felicity Blunt. She is currently 40 years old and as per the reports Felicity is a literary agent and she serves at the London talent agency Curtis Brown. She has worked with many popular authors including Laura Marshall, Tammy Cohen, Rosamund Lupton, and more.

Some might think that she is very lucky to have Stan as her husband she gets to enjoy the Hollywood lifestyle but both Stan and Felicity are lucky to have each other and she is used to the lifestyle of Hollywood because she is the sister of a well-known British actress Emily Blunt.

Oliver’s parents are also into cooking and they have even published a book The Tucci Table: Cooking With Family and Friends. Blunt is also pretty active on Twitter which she joined in April 2009 and she currently has over 11k followers.

Oliver’s mother is also close to her step-children

matteo oliver tucci

Stan is very grateful to his wife Felicity because it is not an easy task to marry a person who has three teenage children. Certainly, raising a child is challenging especially when your kids are teenagers and you are not even their biological mother.

However, Stan has revealed in an interview that Felicity is a very good stepmother who takes care of not only his but also his three children. Furthermore, he said that he was really lucky to have married her as she is such a caring and loving wife and mother.

So is it hard for Stan becoming their father of Oliver? sure, raising a child is not a joke it takes a lot of effort and is challenging but he has raised three children before Oliver so he knows how to do his thing. However, he said that it was tough because picking him up meant bending down.

Matteo Oliver’s aunt is a popular actress

As mentioned above, Oliver’s mother Felicity is the sister of popular British actress Emily Blunt. Since, Emily and Oliver’s father Stan both are in Hollywood, have they ever worked in the same movie?

Yes, they have. Not only once but they have worked on multiple projects. They first worked together in the 2006 comedy-drama film The Devil Wears Prada and after that, they were seen together on screen in the 2013 war-romance film The Wind Rises.

Matteo, weirdly very posh?

Back in May 2020, Stan was on The Graham Norton Show where he revealed that Oliver is adopting posh mannerisms and Stan does not have a clue why. When Norton asked, “Matteo is the one who’s become weirdly very posh?”

Stan explained, “We don’t know why he’s so posh, y wife isn’t really posh, she speaks eloquently. I just don’t get it. He’s the kind of kid who says… he was looking for something in his playroom and he couldn’t find it… and he said [in a posh voice], ‘I mean… It can’t just have vanished.’ Who says that?! He was four.”

Matteo’s father is a multi-millionaire

Stan has worked in numerous movies and sources have it that he has worked in at least 88 films. He is a familiar face in Hollywood and has earned a lot from his works. However, acting is not the only source of his income, he also owns multiple restaurants in the US and other countries.

His net worth is estimated to be around $25 million.

Did you know that Stan battled cancer? yes, just like his first wife Kate, back in 2017 Stan revealed that he was battling cancer at the base of his tongue. He said, “It was too big to operate, so they had to do high-dose radiation and chemo.”

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