Where Is Stan Lee’s Daughter Joan Celia Lee Now?

Joan Celia Lee

The Legendary Marvel comic book author Stanley Martin Lieber built Marvel into a global behemoth, but his relationship with his daughter Joan Celia Lee was not easily saved.

Joan Celia Lee is an American actress, artist, and producer who is best recognized as the only surviving child of Stan Lee. She worked alongside her father over the years and has always been his greatest admirer. She has now entered the world of publishing comics and her wish is to continue her father’s legacy.

In the past, Stan Lee had said that his greatest creation is his daughter and she is a “super kid”. Joan is also known as the girl who grew up with Spider-Man, Throughout her publicity channels, she never hesitated to remind people that she cherishes and proudly holds onto these epithets.

Additionally, she has also published a behind-the-scenes personal family photo memoir of Lee’s family life, “Stan Lee’s Love Story”. She has also published a limited edition comic book series called “A Little Faith” and currently tours the states promoting the books, keeping Stan Lee’s memory alive.

Joan Celia Lieber was raised in a creative environment

Joan Celia Lieber was born on 1st April 1950 in New York, United States.  She was born as the daughter of Stanley Martin Lieber and his wife Joan Boocock Lee and raised in a creative environment and received a great deal of guidance from her parents. Her parents encouraged her to express herself as artistically as she wished throughout her childhood years.

Additionally, she learned a great deal about the craft of comic book creation at a young age. She learned how to construct comic book layouts while also being interested in the media industry as her parents were involved in the business. Since childhood, she was always interested in arts, crafts, fashion design, and producing cosmetics. Thus, she attended film school and joined the School of Visual Arts.

After she grew up, she went on to work at ‘Marvel Studios’. Unfortunately, both of her parents are dead. She also had a younger sister named Jan Lee but unfortunately, her sister also died only after three days after her birth.

Joan Celia Lieber making her acting debut

Joan is heavily inspired by her father and she did comic books and paste-ups in his studio from an early age. At the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, she did an interview where she was manning the “Stan Lee Forever” stand. In that interview, she talked about her life, singing, and dancing in the theatre. She also expressed great love for theatre and choreography.

Talking about her career, she became an interviewer for a cable network and interviewed many celebrities. She also interviewed her father on video several times. Unfortunately, had it not been lost in a fire those videos would have been a fortune now. The videos were burned when his studio in Los Angeles was burnt down.

Joan Celia Lieber made her acting debut in the film “The Cool World” in 1963. She also played a small role in the 1990 film “The Ambulance”. Additionally, she also voiced a robot in the 1994 animated series “Iron Man”. Joan also appeared in an episode of the television series “No Actor Parking” in 2017 and the Sidewalks Entertainment variety television series between 2016 to 2018.

She had started working with the Marvel Studio after she graduated. In the studio, she gained hands-on experience in the comic book industry and valuable experiences as a comic artist. Later, she teamed up with Beck Wanta and Alain Nguyen of Social Media Applications.

In 2015, she was acknowledged with the title of Honorary Chairman for the creation and promotion of the educational software “Raising My SuperKids”. It is a free mobile social media game that raises awareness and funds for charities, where players chose their own Superkid character and create stories through the Superkid’s life.

Is Joan Celia Lieber married? Does she have any kids?

Joan Celia Lieber likes to keep her personal life under the wraps from the media and the internet. However, it is believed that she has never been married and she doesn’t have children either.

She is more of a dog person and her hobbies include, reading books, designing, painting, writing prose, and singing. Joan has a pair of hazel eyes and light ash blonde hair. Her height is 5’5″ (165 cm) and she weighs about 50 kg (110 lbs). Joan’s body measurements are 34-30-37 inches. She belongs to the white ethnic group.

Stan Lee’s bitter battle with his daughter Joan

Stan Lee and his daughter Joan had a volatile relationship. He called his own daughter ‘the dumbest white woman I’ve ever known’. She would ring her parents 50 times a day demanding money. Her father also told her that his daughter suffered from ‘schizophrenia’ and ‘paranoia’.

Additionally, it is also alleged that Joan physically assaulted her parents after they gifted her a leased Jaguar for her birthday instead of buying it outright. Reportedly, Stan Lee even yelled at his daughter after the 2014 incident by saying, “I’ve had it, you ungrateful b****!” It is recounted in the biography True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee.

Later a voice recording was revealed where the two had conversations. The conversations went like this,

Lee screamed at her daughter: “I think you’re the dumbest white woman I’ve ever known!”

Joan fires back: “F–k you, Stan!”

Additionally, Lee responds to a request to come to the phone so that Joan can tell him that she loves him.

Lee responds: “F–k, she doesn’t know what love is. I don’t need to be upset every f****g time she calls.”

It was revealed that the tapes were secretly recorded by Lee’s former manager. Apparently, Lee didn’t have knowledge about the tapes and it surely helps to shed new light on how fraught his relationship was with his daughter.

How much does Joan Celia Lieber earn? Her net worth

It is estimated that Joan’s net worth is around $60 million. Most of her fortune comes from her father after his death.  Joan used to be available on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But she has stopped uploading any posts since 2017.

She is over 70 years old so she must be living a comfortable and peaceful life at the moment. Unfortunately, not much is known about her personal life as she isn’t active on any social media platforms.

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