Who is William Zabka’s Wife – Stacie Zabka (Wiki, Net Worth)

Stacie Zabka
Date of Birth 1979
Profession California
Height 5.4 Inches
Weight 53 Kg
Husband William Zabka
Net Worth $1 Million


Stacie Zabka is an American Businesswoman, and famous for being William Zabka’s Wife.

Stacie husband who is a famous American Actor known for his best work in “The Karate Kid” and also in TV Series “Cobra Kai” as Johnny Lawrence.

Many of William fans know that he has been married for long time, but few fans only know who is his wife. So, we have wrote this article about his wife Stacie’s biography, net worth, career and more details below.

Who is Stacie Zabka?

Zabka was born in May 17, 1979 and she was born in California, USA. There is no any detailed information about her parents and also about her past life.

Anyway, some sources said that her family members has 4 children. And their name is Deborah Doss, Tracy Doss, Melanie Doss and John Doss.

Her husband is very famous American Actor and he has also won many awards on his entertainment career journey.

Married with William Zabka

When William Zabka was doing his shows and movies, Stacie or his wife always remained far from media and enjoy her low key life.

William Zabka aka Johnny Lawrence and Stacie Zabka got married on 2008, and their wedding ceremony was not huge and was done in private way. Where only members of their family as well as close friends were invited.

There is no any pictures of their wedding on medias and no any freelance photographers were invited.


This couple are now enjoying a happy life and they were also blessed with two children. But there is no any detailed information were revealed about these couples children.

Looks like she very caring and loving mother and take her kids great care. Anyway, being very busy as a star William also managed to provide their kids a good love and care.

William also post his kids photos on Instagram, which also reveals that he is a caring and loving father.

Father-In-Law: Stanley Zabka

Stacie Zabka husband William is a son of Stanley Zabka and Nacy Zabka. Both of them are well known personality on Hollywood industry. Where Stanley Zabka is a famous producer and director for music and television program for NBC Television.

Little About Stacie Zabka Husband – William Zabka

Her husband full name is William Michael Zabka, and he was born in 1965. And his birth place was New York City, USA. William has turned by 52 as of 2021 and he is very famous for his acting role on various movies.

He is a director, screen writer, actor and producer also, his father are a famous producer and business man.

He made his debut in 1983 as Clarence Mortner Jr. in one episode of “Th Greatest American Hero”. Later working as a Lawrence in The Karate Kid his career skyrocket, since everybody loves his acting on the movie.

Stacie Zabka Net Worth

According to various sources and research, it is estimated that Stacie’s net worth is estimated around $1 Million. But it is just a estimation since there is no any information provide by Stacie herself.

On the other side, her husband has earned handsome amount of money and it is more than $3 Million by 2020.

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