Who is Staci Doll? (Sexy Instagram Star) Net Worth, Career & More

staci doll
Date of Birth February 4, 1991
Profession Instagram Star
Total Followers 1.6 Million
Born Canada
Father Bradley Nowell


Social Media platform Instagram has created lives of many people. This social media company is famous for photos of many celebrities. On the other hand, many celebrities have been created here and Staci Doll is one of them.

If you are a fan of Staci then, you are in the right place. Today, we are bringing you all the information that we could collect about Staci so, let’s go.


Pink Bimbo Academy on Twitter: "Bimbo princess Staci Doll… "


Staci was born in 1991. Her birthday is on Feb 4. She was born in Canada and she is most famous for being a model as well as an Instagram model. She is the founder of Doll Entertainment.

She blew up on Instagram for her revealing and scandalous photos. These photos have made her Instagram so big that it has managed to attract 1.6 million followers. She has also appeared in many publications including the cover of Canada’s various magazines and stack model magazines as well.

Staci is currently single and she is not dating. We don’t really have that much info about her past dating life or relationships though. But we do know that she has no children. She landed her first big break in modelling at the age of 23 and she is originally from Toronto. Her sign is Aquarius so, her positive trails are vision, ingenuity and kindness.

She helps others during their time of need and she is also pretty great at it. Aquarius are generally are conscientious and they also do whatever they can to keep their promises intact.

Audacity is probably one bad trait about Aquarius if you really delve into it but Staci uses her audacity to make a very worthy living so, we have nothing against it.

The details about her parents is not known right now. We also have no idea about her family life, siblings, spouse and children. All of these information will become available when we have them. Right now, we know that she is 28 years of age and her primary income source is Instagram.


Social Media influencer, model and founder of Doll Entertainment,  Staci blew up on Instagram for her half naked photos.

She has racked in more than 1.6 million followers in the gram and that following is still growing. She has also appeared in many magazines that includes Canada’s top magazines.

Her Instagram feed is also filled with many brands so, she does brand deals and that is how she earns most of her money. In addition, she is also building her brand in Tiktok.

We couldn’t find her on facebook and twitter though. Anyway, she has a very successful career and we wish her much more success in the future.

Net Worth

Staci doll has a net worth that has been growingly rapidly. More followers in instagram means more money so, how much is she worth? What is her salary? Well, we can’t really say.

Celebrities never really say how much money they have but we can estimate though. Staci Doll is an Instagram star with almost 2 million followers. That’s a lot of followers to have. She is 28 so, we guess her net worth is in the range of 1 to 5 million USD.

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