Will Spiderman Be in Venom 3?

venom 3

In the post-credit scene of Spiderman-No Way Home, we see that Eddie and Venom now have an idea of other superheroes including Spiderman and later they get sucked inside their own universe. And as per IGN, producer, Amy Pascal said that sequel for Venom is already in the works.

And we expect the movie will be released in 2023 around February but it has not been confirmed so it’s not sure. No way home has set the big question for Andrew’s spiderman and Venom as well and the question is will Andrew play as spiderman again?

Andrew will fight Venom?

In the movie no way home when three spidermen were talking, Andrew says that he also wants to fight alien and we already know that Venom is an alien, and both Venom and Andrew are from Sony verse.

And according to the sources Sony is considering multiple projects for Andrew so there is a chance for Andrew’s spiderman and Venom getting face to face in the next Venom movie.


But there is a bit confusion as in both Venom movies we did not see any references to spiderman and Eddie used to be a top reporter so he should have known about spiderman but clearly he did not which we saw in no way home.

So we don’t really know how Sony will bring two characters to face to face, and also in Morbius, there is both spiderman and Venom but there is a reference to all three spidermen so it’s really confusing and in the trailer of Morbius we also see that there is a banner stating “Where is Spider-Man?” which means that spiderman is missing.

Andrew’s Spiderman in Venom

It’s just a theory but let’s just assume that spiderman was missing from the Sony verse because Andrew was in another universe and now Venom has an idea of spiderman now and if Sony is making multiple projects with Andrew then we will surely see Andrew’s spiderman and Venom face to face.

I don’t know if Andrew will be in the next Venom movie but fans are asking to make The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and if Sony decides to make it then Venom and spiderman will come face to face.

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