Spider Man No Way Home 2nd Trailer

Hello Marvel fans how are you all doing? So how excited are you guys for the new or second trailer of Spider-Man No Way Home? We all know ever since Peter’s identity got exposed in Spider-Man Far From Home everybody has been excited for a new movie to drop.

And now there is only a month left for the movie to drop and we know that it’s not going to be something like Homecoming or Far From Home as Tom Holland himself said that the movie is not going to be extreme and he also wrote in his Instagram post that the movie is going to blow our minds.

Second Trailer

Now we all have been waiting and many fan pages on Facebook were even dropping the hashtag drop spiderman no way home’s second trailer and finally, the trailer is going to drop today. Everyone is excited to see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield on this new trailer and let me just tell you even with only Dr. Octopus the first trailer took over the internet and it broke the record of Avengers: Endgame.

If Tobey and  Andrew are featured in this new trailer then believe me it will undoubtedly break the internet again. There is still some time for the trailer to drop so let’s just wait and see.

I personally don’t want the trailer to feature Tobey and Andrew, I just want to see them in the movie hall. There are also crazy theories people have about this movie so let’s discuss a few of them as well.

Multiverse of Madness

So after the series Loki and Wanda Vision, everyone was hoping that Dr. Strange will be the one who will be saving the universe from the multiverse but after watching the first trailer of the No Way Home we find out that Dr. Strange cast the spell which tampers the stability of space-time.

There are even fan theories that suggest that is not the real Dr. Strange but he is another Strange from the multiverse or Mephisto cause Strange would never do anything that may affect time and reality.

The trailer also hints that maybe Mephisto is in the movie also in the Spider-Man One More Day Peter makes a deal with Mephisto where everyone in the world forgets Peter’s real identity. So we can expect that there is not only Octopus, Goblin, Electro for Peter to be wary about.

Possible Villains

This is no mystery that Alfred Molina’s Dr. Octopus, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Jamie Foxx’s Electro, and Rhys Ifans‘ Lizard are going to be the major villain of Spider-Man No Way Home but that’s not all, fan theories and rumors that Vulture is also going to be in the movie and similarly Sandman is also in the movie.

There is also a theory that suggests sandman is actually not a villain but he will help Peter at the end but we can never be too sure on theories. There are also rumors that Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio is also going to appear in the movie.

Ned Leeds


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One theory is that after the Strange cast the spell, everyone including Ned forgets who Spider-Man is, and eventually for some reason he will start to hate Spider-Man and he will also turn into a villain. This theory has a point as we all know that Tom Holland said the movie is really crazy and not like the other two movies and also the actor who plays the character of Ned Jacob Batalon used to be fat but he has become fit.

Dare Devil

Dare Devil is one of the rumored and possible characters to be appearing in the movie to help Peter in legal terms. In the trailer, we can also see a hand and people are saying that it’s Charlie Cox.

It may be true as he is a lawyer and could be helping Peter and this is also the best way to introduce Dare Devil into Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hello Peter

dr octopus

Remember when Dr. Octopus shows up and says Hello Peter in the trailer? Well, there is also a theory that suggests that he is not saying hello to Tom’s spiderman but he might be saying it to Tobey as we can see him grabbing Tom’s spiderman and at the same time Tobey comes to save Peter and that’s when he said Hello Peter. There is also this theory that all 3 spidermen are present when he says hello.

I know this is a lot but as much as there is hype for this movie there are also many theories and conspiracies and I want to write all the theories I have heard and read about this movie and also just like you guys I can’t wait to see the trailer and the movie, I hope when the movie comes up I can get the tickets.

Michelle Jones “MJ”

tom holland

After the Strange casts, the spell everyone forgets about Peter including MJ and if you have seen set photos of No Way Home then we can see that he is rehearsing for something and fans are saying that he is rehearsing to talk to MJ.

As mentioned above in the Spider-Man One More Day comics Peter makes a deal with Mephisto and everyone forgets about him and as a result, he loses his marriage with Mary Jane.

There are a lot of fan theories and conspiracies but I am going to end it here and about the trailer, if you’ve seen the latest video of Tom, Zendaya, and Jacob teasing the new trailer there Jacob also says that people are going to get crazy when they see this.

I am already so excited to watch the trailer and I am sure you guys are just as excited as I am but there’s only a little time left for them to drop the trailer so let’s be patient and enjoy the trailer after its drop.

There is also the rumor that the second trailer has also been leaked like the first trailer but I don’t know if that’s true or not anyways we will get to see the trailer soon and we will talk more about it after we watch the trailer.

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