Who Is Sophia Talamas? Quick Biography About Her Life

Sophia Talamas

Sophia Talamas is one of the famous Model and social media influencers and she was born in Miami, USA. She was born on July 4, 2003, she will turn 19 this July.

Sophia is famous by her name and she also has an impressive amount of followers on Instagram. She is not just a model but she also loves sport a lot and we can also say her sports freak, who has already worked with some fitness companies.

She has an impressive waist making anybody can drive crazy and be attracted towards her as well.

Sophia Talamas Instagram

You can also check her Instagram and she is also quite famous over there, she has also gained a lot of fame from her beautiful figure. On her Instagram, she posts a lot of photos about her life and some of them on bikinis and some of them are very inspirational as well.

By now, she has more than 800k+ followers on her Instagram, you can also check her @sophiatalamas24, her posts also get a massive like ranging from 100K – 120K per post.

Sophia Talamas Boyfriend

Like many other celebrities, Sophia has also not revealed about her boyfriend and love life yet. She has been hiding her all personal and private life information from the public eye.

We tried our best to find the lucky guy who is dating Sophia but there has been no information revealed about it till now.

If any information will be there about her private life, we will surely gonna post about it as well.

Massive Followers in TikTok

Judging her by looking at her Instagram account is not so easy, if you check her TikTok account she has over more than 14 million+ followers, who are also active viewers of her TikTok videos.

Her popularity was boomed when she posted subaquatic videos on her profile and it went very viral as well. This video was the reason why she was damn famous on TikTok.

She Loves Animal

She is very fond of animals and she loves animals very much especially dogs as well. Taking about her pet she has one dog and one cat and you can also check her puppies and pet cat on her profile as well. Her dog’s name is Merlin and her cat’s name is Athena.

Sophia Talamas Height, Weight and Fitness


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As we already say, she is famous due to her body structure and her fitness. She got a perfect body with a small waist and with big booty, shinny hair, and fitness tips.

She is a fitness freak and she loves to posts videos about her fitness there as well. Taking about her height she is about 5 feet 3 inches tall and has about 52 Kgs in weight and she has black hair and brown color eye.

Harry Potter is Love

Even if she’s an influencer, she is just a regular person like every human being and she also has a deep love for various movies, books, and their characters.

We can clearly tell by her posts that she loves Harry Potter very much and she even went to visit Harry Potter park at Orlando Universal Studio which is a heavenly place to be for Potterheads. She seems to love cosplay as well because she went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter cosplaying as a witch.

She is Confident

Looking at her Instagram we all can feel she is confident about her life and skin as well. Her confidence has been seen by all people from all over the world, she is just an inspiration to many young ladies as well.

She is into Dancing and Singing

As you may already guess that Sophia is into dancing looking at her Tiktok, and yes you guessed it correct. She is into dancing as well as singing.

As per the reports, she was into dancing and singing since she was really young however, she was not only interested but she also enrolled at Encore Music Academy and Miami Conservatory of Music.

She is an Elite Model at Bangenergy

If you’re following her on social media then you may already know that she is an elite model at bangenergy. Bangenergy is one of the highest quality nutritional supplements and this supplement company was established back in 1993.

Not only that but since she became famous she received various offers and sponsorships which we can see as she has already worked with several retail companies including Fashion Nova as well as Gloss Naturals.

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