Who is Sofia Bevarly? (Height, Age, Boyfriend)

Sofia Bevarly

Sofia Bevarly is a popular personality who is famous for her Instagram account and for her impressive modelling career. But more than that, she became famous for dating the very popular poker player named Dan Bilzerian. Dan is quite a personality in the poker circle but this article is not about the gambling maestro. Instead, we are focusing on Sofia’s life today, so let us get started!

Early Childhood and education


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Sofia Bevarly was born in the year 1996. Her birthdate falls on the 26th of April and she was born in the USA. Her zodiac sign is Taurus and she holds an American Citizenship.

We don’t know much about her early life as that has remained a mystery. She hasn’t really spoken about any of her siblings as well so, this might mean that she is the only child. Sofia was born in a middle class family and had quite a normal childhood. Her parents supported her unconditionally though and she is thankful of that.

She passed her high school from South Fort Myers High school and then went to Florida International University. When she got out of University, she had a Bachelor’s Degree.

Career as a model

Sofia Bevarly began her career in the modelling industry just after she finished college. Her first photoshoot was actually  during the college days. But despite having this passion, she waited for school to finish before pursuing her actual career. She started off by posing as a swim suit model and a lingerie model. Since she began she has posed for many lingerie and swimsuit brands all over Nepal. She is quite sought after as well. Her career has reached the maximum height and she chooses who she wants to work with these days! Her actual fame came when she started dating the Poker Player named Dan Bilzerian. Let us get into that now!

Personal life and relationships

Although Sofia is rather secretive when it comes to her personal life and love affairs, she now openly talks about her relationship with Dan Bilzerian.

The two actually met at a pool party that was held in the year 2017. They quickly fell for one another but Dan wasn’t really ready to commit as he was quite a playboy back then. But the two worked it out and at first they were not in a serious relationship.

Dan made a comment that he had a girlfriend but we still having sex with other girls. He also admitted that Sofia is a bit different than other girls. Dan thinks that Sofia is a smart and a cool person. She also liked a lot of things that Dan likes. The two have an age gap of 16 years but it is still good with both.

While a lot of people think that the two are together right now but the two reportedly had a break up a while ago. But neither of them have really commented about their relationship right now. But judging by rumors, it can be said that the two have already decided to stay separately. Right now, Sofia is single. She hasn’t married yet and she also does not have any kids.

Sofia’s hobbies and interests

Sofia is a huge lover of animals. She owns a pet cat named Giz in addition to a pet dog. Sofia lives a pretty lavish life, one reason why she was with Dan Bilzerian! She also admits that she would never date a broke man. Sofia also loves to travel and when she was with Dan, she used to fly in his private jet. Most of her time is spent on outdoor activities, going to clubs and parties.

Sofia’s Social Media and net worth


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Sofia is 23 year old right now. She is quite a beautiful person with long brown hair, good height and decent weight. She also has a super nice figure and wears a size six shoe. Because of this great personality and physique, she is quite famous on Instagram and she has gained a lot of followers there. She is also seen on Instagram

Aside from Instagram, Sofia is also on Twitter. She launched her Twitter account in the July of 2016 and this account has made her around 5K followers. She has also tweeted a lot here. Her Instagram on the other hand, has nearly a million followers. Sofia’s net worth is in the range of $500,000 to a million dollars. She made this money from her modelling career.

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