About Simon Cowell’s Girlfriend, Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman

Lauren Silverman was not known by the public means she was not popular until her affair with the British television personality Simon Cowell. The news of their affair came out in the year 2013 and she was in highlight for some time after the news.

Lauren was married to an American businessman Andrew Silverman and they separated in 2013. Simon is a judge in popular shows like Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, American Idol, The X Factor, and many more. And Sources suggests that she was also seen in the audience in shows like America’s Got Talent. After the news broke in about their affair she has been seen with Simon accompanying him in several events.

In this blog post, we will uncover everything we know about Lauren Silverman, her early life, her affair with Simon Cowell, and her net worth.

Early Life of Lauren Silverman

Lauren was born to Steven Davies and Carole Eisenberg, so her name was Lauren Davies before she was married to Andrew Silverman. She was born on  January 1, 1977, in New York City, United States of America. She is the firstborn daughter in her family and she has one sibling, her sister Nicole. As her father was a real estate agent we can assume or guess that she grew up in a wealthy family.

Lauren went to Miami Country Day School, a private school in Florida. According to the reports when she was just 16 she had an affair with her well-liked and attractive English teacher and football coach Steve Lewis. Her former classmates said that they had a sexual relationship after his session in class. Reports suggest that after hearing the news Luren’s mother reported the incident to the headmaster and she was later kicked out of the school. She was a popular kid back in her high school. Her former classmates even said that she is attracted and always chases older men.

How Did Lauren & Simon Met?

Sources tell that Lauren was introduced to Simon by her back then-husband in 2006. It is said that they enjoyed the company of Simon and spent time together with him in holidays. And it turns out that Simon and Lauren had an affair back then when Lauren was still married to Andrew Silverman but in 2013 she was pregnant with Simons’s child and they were forced to make their relation public.

Soon after she got pregnant Andrew filed for divorce and as per the reports it was mentioned on the divorce paper that the reason for the divorce was adultery. Lauren is now a mother o Simon’s child Eric Cowell who is named after Simon’s father and she also has a child with Andrew, and his name is Adam Silverman.

lauren kids

Of course when your friend got your wife pregnant under your nose then you are bound to lose your cool and that’s exactly what happened Andrew and Simon had an argument and they later decided not to talk with each other, according to sources Simon was even banned going near Andrews son Adam. But after some time they put aside all the commotion. Especially after Simon’s mother passed away, reports have it Andrews texted Simon.

Now Andrew has also married a wealthy widowed woman Samantha Zimmerman. And they are planning holiday plans together with their new family. In an interview, Simon told with The Mirror that it was not something he wanted to happen or something he is proud of. “It just happened,” he said. Now they are respectful to each other and they even set aside their dispute and as per reports Lauren even flies to New York often to see her son Adam.

Feud Between Lauren & Alesha Dixon

There were reports that said Britain’s Got Talents judge Alesha Dixon and Lauren clashed and the reason for their clash was Simon. Lauren thought that Simon and Alesha were had grown too close which led her to confront Alesha on the backstage of Britain’s Got Talents. Alesha was really upset and frustrated with Lauren’s act.

Are Lauren & Simon Married Yet?

No sir they are not married yet. For some reason, they have not married and are living as a partner raising their son Eric. Are they going to marry soon? That, only they can answer we can only guess some things. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Simon hinted that they are planning for another kid. He said that he had a brother and it would be cool to have or three children. Also in 2018, he told in Closer Weekly that Lauren wants to have another baby.

Maybe Simon and Lauren are happy with their life as it is or it may be Simon does not want to get married yet. He was engaged once before to Mezhgan from 2010 to 2011 but later he said that it was a big mistake.

Simon’s Previous Girlfriends

He has dated many famous women for the past decades and we will be talking about a few of them here.

In the 70s Simon dated Paula Hamilton, according to Paula she could not read or write until she was 11 so her teachers used to bully her calling her stupid but Simon stood up for her and she also revealed that when was 16 she lost her virginity to Simon.

Simon also dated a model Jackie St. Clair back in the 70s, even though they split up they are still really close friends.

Simon dated Terri Seymour an English actress and entertainment reporter in 2002, they separated after six years but are still good friends as per reports.

After his breakup with Terri he tied up with Dannii Minogue an Australian singer, Simon even admitted that he had a crush on her.

Simon and American singer Sinita were known for their constant breakup and patch-up until Simon had a son with Lauren.

Simon dated an American actress Carmen Electra from the end of 2012 to 2013.

Simon also dated a famous British model Jasmine Lennard and it is said that he dated Jasmine while he was still in a relationship with Terri Seymour.

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