Who is Sidney Hammond? He is a suspect in multiple attacks on Asians

sidney hammond

Back in the April of this year, An Asian American person on a walk with his 1-year-old child was attacked by a young man, who pushed the man to the ground and even landed a punch on him.

The father is identified as Bruce by media outlets. He was walking with his son in a Stroller in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood. The incident occurred on the 30th of April, Friday,

Bruce, who is the victim of this incident said that he does not feel safe after this attack. He is quite scared to go outside now and finds himself quite vulnerable. In addition, he had a 1-year-old son with him when he got attack so, the fear of his son’s life also makes him quite vulnerable.

The 36-year-old man said that he was on the ground for a long time and he was trying to shield his head to prevent any injuries. Bruce also admitted that he couldn’t protect his child. Bruce was on the floor and his child was in the stroller that was gradually strolling away. It must be quite an experience for both of them.

Bruce also said that he did not provoke the attacker in any way whatsoever. But why did this incident happen? Well, people think that it was part of the Anti-Asian attacks that happened against Asian Americans in America during the pandemic.

Who was responsible for this attack? Who is Sidney Hammond?

The attacker of Bruce was allegedly a 26-year-old person Sidney Hammond. If the police reports are true, Sidney struck bruce from behind. This caused Bruce to fall down face first on the pavement. The report also mentions that Hammond did not stop hitting Bruce until the police arrived at the scene. These were local police patrolling the area. An officer pulled Hammond away to stop this terrible attack. Bruce was then treated for some minor injuries by the police.

Charges and Law Suit

The DA’s office filed the charges against Hammond. The charges will be for felonies and misdemeanors. Bruce’s view on the attacker is that he wants his attacker put behind jail so, they are not able to hurt anyone else. He says that Sidney needs to get help.

The report that the DA put forward also mentions that Business People in the area reacted quite shockingly to this incident. The restaurant area around the store had been robbed as well. Instances of crime have been increasing in that area.

Nani Tsegaye of a local Ethiopian Restaurant says that the incident against Bruce was heartbreaking and they expect more security in the area. Many organizations also got into action and they demanded a more safe and clean city. They think that the safety of a person is the most important thing there is and they want it guaranteed by the parties involved.

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