Who is Sheldon Bream? (Net Worth, Wiki, Wife)

Sheldon Bream
Date of Birth Dec 23, 1970
Profession Anchor
Wife Shannon Bream
Net Worth $2 Million

Sheldon Bream is a widely popular TV personality. In addition, he is a professional speaker and a businessman.

He is also known as the husband of Fox News reporter for Supreme Court, Shannon Bream. As a businessman, Sheldon has founded the firm Bream Speaker Management.


Sheldon was born in the small town of Carlisle Pennsylvania in the USA. He was born on December 23, 1970.

His zodiac sign is Sagittarius and that makes him 48 years old. Sheldon is of American Nationality and he is white.  He was raised alongside his brother Sid, who is a retired baseball player now.

Switching on to education, Sheldon went to the Liberty University. He completed his college education from the state of Virginia. Sheldon graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Sports Management.

What is Sheldon Bream’s Professional Career

We don’t really know what Sheldon did immediately after graduating college. That information is under speculation. So, until 2005 Sheldon was probably doing some odd jobs.

Sheldon got into Journalism and became the Washington speaker’s director of Bureau Relations. He held this job for 10 years. He was involved with the speakers and as a speaker, this helped him immensely. It polished his skills and advanced his career.

After a while. Sheldon managed to joined the World Rally Championship on work but later Fox offered him a very good job. He was the substitute anchor of Special Report and this gained him world wide fam.

The work Sheldon did at fox really boosted his career. He got to a whole different level. Since he already had a very good background in speaking, Sheldon decided to start the Bream Speaker Management company.

This company promotes Speakers on various subject matters and topics. Sheldon also connected event planners with professional speakers who were very talented in their own field of work. Bream has been incredibly successful with this company.

Sheldon’s Marriage to Shannon Bream

Sheldon is generally popular for being the husband of Shannon. The two got married in 1995 and they are still together.

Shannon is a journalist, writer and actress. She is known for hosting many high profile shows in the NBC and FOX networks.

The couple met at Liberty University where the pair were studying for the same undergraduate degree. Although they were dating other people at the time, they began dating after their college days were behind them. This college love affair they had has really been a stable relation right now.

The couple still don’t have a child though. This might be because both of them have a career to think about so, they don’t want to handle a child right now. They do own a four-legged animal named Jasper though.

Just like any other couple, the pair have gone through a rough patch though. Sheldon was diagnosed with a brain tumor. But he is now totally healthy. He fought and won against this tumor and we wish him all the luck going forward.

Sheldon Bream Net Worth

Sheldon Bream is a Journalist as well as a Professional Speaker who owns his own Speaker Management Company.

Throughout his career, Sheldon has managed to accumulate a good deal of wealth. He has an annual salary of $82,000 and his total net worth is around $2 Million.

His wife, on the other hand, earns an annual Salary of $800,000. She is estimated to have a net worth of $4 million.

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