Who is Shelby Flannery? (Boyfriend, Family)

shelby flannery

Shelby Flannery is an American actress who is known for her role as Hope Diyoza in ‘The 100’ TV Show. This TV show has become quite a hit and it has gained massive popularity. You can watch it on Netflix and judge Shelby’s performance yourself but we think that she is a star in the making as her acting is quite good. So, today we are going to be providing you with all the information we have on Shelby. So, let us start this article.

Childhood and Education

Shelby is an emerging actress so, everybody wants to know where she is from and when she was born. Thankfully, we have that information to share. Shelby was born in the year 1995. Her birthdate is 17th of September and she was born in the State of Minnesota in Saint Paul. So, yeah Shelby is an American through and through!

She has been acting since a child and has made many appearances in different films and shows. Her first film was released om 2010. It was a short film titled ‘As They Fade’ where she played the role of Abby. Her acting has been good since then. Right now, Abby is just 24 years old and she already has a good deal of films and movies. Her future also seems bright. We are going to be updating about her in the future as her career gets bigger and bigger!

In terms of Education, Shelby finished her primary as well as secondary education from her Home Town. For higher education she went to London Academy of Music and Dramatic and graduated from here in 2018. So, yes Shelby even has a professional degree in acting and this explains why her acting is so good.

We don’t know much about her family though. She is a very private person so, this information is quite hidden from the public right now.  We are going to provide you the information as soon as we have it.

Shelby Flannery’s Acting Career

Shelby was always keen on being an actor and this obsession with films made her participate in various stage shows while in school. She even tried out various commercials and small scale roles here and there. Her first break was when she did a short film titled ‘As they Fade’ in 2010 (which we have mentioned earlier). But it wasn’t till 2018 that her acting career actually took off.

After graduating from school, she did another short film titled, “Schlaf Nicht.” After this, she got a role in the TV Show ‘The 100’ from where he began gaining universal praise and admiration. Her character is well written as well and she does it justice by being a really bright actor and having a stage presence.

She has a very good future ahead and her career has been going strong. We are hopeful for her and we wish to see her in more Shows and Movies in the near future.


As of 2021, Shelby is single. She is not in a relationship with anyone but as soon as she gets into one, we will inform you about it. But as she is a private person, she might really hide her personal relationships! But in an interview, she admitted to not get into dating anytime soon as she is currently concentrating on her own career right now. She doesn’t have any time for a boyfriend!

As Shelby is just 25, she is also not married to anyone. She has never been married and in the future she might. When she does, you know where to find that information! And obviously, Shelby doesn’t have any kids right now. We will update you if we get the details on that front.

Social Media and Instagram

Shelby’s Social Media is quite strong. She has more than 72K followers on Instagram which is a pretty big deal. She leverages this follow base for many things. Brand deals and other paid posts are frequent here. In addition, her Instagram is also a place to show her life. She has a lot of posts about herself in it and that is a good thing.

Net Worth

As her career is just starting, we don’t really have any information about Shelby’s net worth but if the rumors are correct, she does seem to get good amount of money from the show ‘The 100.’ In addition, she has an Instagram to rely on for passive income so, she might have more than $100,000 saved up in the bank. But we don’t really know the exact extent of what her salary is.

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