About Shaun King Mother Naomi Kay Fleming (Ethnicity, Parents)

Naomi Kay Fleming

Naomi Kay Fleming (Kay King) is popularly known as the mother of Shaun King. Shaun King is the co-founder of the Real Justice PAC, and he is also an American civil activist and writer. The popularity of Naomi also known as Kay King is unusual as parents of famous artists or personalities are infrequent to come under the attention of media.

According to her son Shaun King, he is biracial he stated that he is half black and half white but the public did not pick it up and everyone believes or thinks that his father is a white man. Is that really the case though? It remains a mystery till today. As for Shaun’s mother Naomi, she has not spoken anything about this matter.

In this blog post or an article, we will be talking over about Shaun’s mother “Naomi Kay Fleming”. Let’s get to know her better first and if possible we will also be looking through her husband to know what race did her husband came from.

Naomi Kay Fleming (Kay King)

Naomi Kay Fleming was born in 1958 as per the report, but the exact date of her birth is still unknown but we happen to know her zodiac sign and that is Aquarius. Naomi was born in Kentucky, United States. Her father is Ralph Fred Fleming and her mother Naomi Fleming Townsend. Reports suggest that her parents have passed away, you must have noticed that Naomi and her mother share the same name as she was named after her mother.

Naomi holds an American nationality and she is of European origin, she follows Christianity. As per the reports, she is an educated woman and has graduated from a high-school. As she was born in Kentucky she spent most of her childhood and teenage in a small town in Kentucky (Burdine).

Naomi’s Relationship

Naomi was married to Jeffrey King in the 1970s maybe. She divorced Jeffrey after few years and as reports suggest, Jeffrey was a criminal who was charged with drug offenses and other criminal activities. Also, the couple was blessed with three children, “Shaun King“, “William Jason King“, and “Russ King“. According to the media sources Shaun was born on 1979, September 17, and his older brother William was born on 1974, February 25 but there isn’t any information on their younger brother Russ King.

Naomi’s eldest son William passed away in 2018 he was only 44 years old. William had a wife named Sofie with whom he had children also even if there is not much information on her youngest son Russ sources suggest that Naomi is the grandmother of the children of William and Russ.

According to his middle son Shaun, he is not the son of Jeffrey King even though he was claimed to be his biological father. He has stated that his mother had many relations and had several sexual partners and according to the sources he also added that his mother has also been married a couple of times. As for her partners, we don’t know anything about them only her husband Jeffery has been noted by the media.

What Is Naomi Famous For?

Do you remember getting punished for something your friend did at school? well, this is exactly the same if one of your family members shakes the media then you are set to drag in without any reason. That is exactly what happened to Naomi, her son Shaun is a human rights activist and he got famous for involving in the Black Lives Matter movement.

On August 9, 2014, a white police officer shot 18 years old black man Michael Brown and Shaun was one of the important members of the Black Lives Matter movement but soon after that in 2015 people started controversy and various media stated that Shaun has deceived everyone claiming that his father belonged to the black race.

Milo Yiannopoulos (probably a British commentator) even published an article where he had uploaded Shaun’s birth certificate. Do you guys remember me mentioning earlier that Shaun stated that Jeffrey is not his father and his mother had several sex partners and married a couple of times? Shaun stated this after Milo published Shaun’s birth certificate. But soon enough someone from his family claimed that both of Shaun’s parents are white.

Does Naomi Have Siblings?

Indeed she does have siblings. According to some sources, Naomi has three brothers and one sister. Her brothers are “Wayne“, “Danny“, and “Franklin Fleming” and her sister is Lillian Janisch. They all were really close and used to gather on various occasions. Sadly her brothers “Franklin” and “Wayne” have passed away.

A Single Mother

shaun king

Naomi raised all her children by herself and she did a really great job. According to his son Shaun, obviously that Naomi has several other children because she had many relationships, sexual partners, and also married a couple of times maybe her son is telling the truth but you know what? A single woman trying to raise all her kids she has done a pretty decent job as all of her children are doing really well in their own careers.

Even though Kay King’s son Shaun has written about his mother’s several relations, affairs and marriage she has remained quiet about the controversies. As for now, the reports say that Naomi better known by Kay King is single and happy.

Is Naomi Active On Social Media?

No, Naomi is not active on any social media. As for her son he is active on his social media accounts. Naomi may use social media and have it private and there is a high chance of that cause today everyone uses social media.

How Much Does She Earn? (Naomi’s Net Worth)

There is not any information if she still works or not so we don’t know how much she earns but as for her net worth sources suggest that she has a total of $200,000 estimated net worth. She had a house in her birthplace Kentucky but she wanted to live with her son in Atlanta so she sold her house and now she is happily living in Atlanta as per reports.

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