Who is Jodie Sweetin Ex-Husband, Shaun Holguin Jodie?

Jodie Sweetin
Relationship Divorced
Profession Police Officer
Ex-Wife Jodie Sweetin

Shaun Holguin is an American police officer. He became famous after marrying the famous actress Jodie Sweetin. Today, we will be providing you a detail information on Shaun and his ex wife Jodie.

Who is Shaun Holguin Jodie?

Shaun Holguin was born in the June 29, 1978. He was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California USA.

Shaun became famous when he became the ex-husband of Jodie Sweetin. Right now, he works as a police officer in the Los Angeles Police Department in California.

Moving on to his early life and education, it remains a mystery. Shaun has yet to reveal any information regarding it.

Since he only became famous after marrying a Hollywood actress, his previous life is just private. He is also not on any social media platforms so, it is hard to figure things out.

He was married to Jodie but the pair split later. Shaun started dating joie in 2002 and the two got married when Jodie was just 20 years old.

Later on, Jodie became a drug addict. She was addicted to crystal meth. Shaun was a police officer so, he suspected her wife’s addiction problem and then they had their relationship problem. Shaun tried to get her sober but nothing helped so, the couple finally split up in 2006.

Shaun Holguin’s Social Media

Shaun is not really a public person so, he doesn’t have a public social media profile. We couldn’t find his Instagram and other details. On the other hand, his ex wife has a really huge Instagram profile with thousands of followers. She also makes decent money from her Instagram posts with sponsorships as well as brand deals.

Who is Jodie Sweetin?

Jodie is an American Actress. She was born in 1982 in Los Angeles, California. Jodie is famous for being an actor and a singer. She started her career at an early age of just five.

Her breakthrough in Hollywood came when she debut for the role of Stephanie Turner in the series Full House. She was just 5 years old.

The show ran for 8 seasons. This increased her fame. She became a household name by the time she was 13.  After this, she did many series and movies such as Valarie, Party of Five and more. But her success kind of stopped after it.

She became nameless for a long time until 2009. This was the year she starred in a major role in a film called “Redefining Love.” She also did Port City after this and later, in 2012 She appeared as Leia in a film named Single Out.

After 2012, her career has peaked. She landed a major role in the 2015 film called Walt Before Mickey. This film was the biography of Charlotte Disney.

Jodie also reprised her hole of Stephanie in the reboot of her shit show from the early 90s.  If we have to talk about her recent work, She starred in Hollywood Darlings and My Perfect Romance. These were financial hits and they have really done great for Jodie.

Moving on to her personal life, She divorced Shaun and was married to Cody for a while. After that, She had a daughter with Cody.

Jodie split with Cody and then in 2011, she married Morty Coyle. The couple were married for 5 years till 2016. They got separated in 2016. Jodie got engaged again but later broke up. She is single right now.

Jodie had some problem with Alcoholism once but now she is completely sober. She has also decided to complete her degree.  She currently works in the position of a clinical logistics co-ordinator at a Los Angeles drug rehab center.

She does the work of making sure people with drug problems get proper treatment and they can get better jobs and a way to sustain themselves after they have gotten the treatment.

Jodie Sweetin Married Twice After Divorce

Jodie married two times after her divorce with Shaun and her second marriage was with Cody Herpin which was happened on July 14, 2007. Also, they dated for two months before they got married but later their marriage was ended by divorce in April 2010. Also, this couple shares a daughter named Zoie who was born in 2008.

After the divorce she got married to Morty Coyle and they also welcomed their child Beatrix in the same year of their marriage year.


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The marriage life with Coyle was also not good and they did divorce just year after the divorce but still Jodie was looking for a man of her choice they did divorce in 2016.

This was her third time divorce but still it looks like she is unstoppable and looking for a man. She also did a engagement in 2016 with Justin Hodak but due to many issue their engagement was dropped.

What is Shaun Holguin’s Net Worth?

The exact extent of Shaun Holguin’s net worth is not known. He only got famous for marrying a famous celebrity.

After the divorce, Shaun has maintained distance from public. We don’t even know his current career. We just know that he still works as a police officer, nothing more. We think that he lives a decent enough life.

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