Who is Seth Rogen’s wife, Lauren Miller?

seth rogen with Lauren Miller

Lauren Anne Miller Rogen professionally known as Lauren Miller is an American comedian, actress, director, and screenwriter. She has worked in numerous movies and television shows like Superbad, Zack and Miri, Observe and Report, Someone Marry Barry, Ben and Kate, Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town, Slaughter Daughter, Bernard and Huey, and many others.

Lauren is also popular because she is the wife of a famous Canadian actor, filmmaker, comedian, and writer Seth Rogen. Lauren and Seth have been together for more than a decade now. In this piece of article, we will be looking and talking about Lauren’s life and how she and Seth ended up together.

Early Life of Lauren Miller

Lauren Anne Miller was born on July 24, 1981, in Lakeland, Florida, United States. She was born in a Jewish family to Adele Miller and Scott Miller and she also has a brother named Danny. Lauren went to Lois Cowles Harrison Center for the Visual and Performing Arts and after she graduated from high school, she went to Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts.

When she was at the University where she met Katie Anne Naylon and as per the reports they were roommates and later both Lauren and Anne wrote the story of the comedy film For a Good Time, Call.

How Did Lauren and Seth Rogen Met?

According to the reports, Lauren did not even know who Rogen was when they first met. It was around 2004 when the two meet for the first time through their mutual friend Will Reiser. Will then set out a date for them and they got along so well that they spent the whole night together hanging around. At four in the morning, they grilled cheese sandwiches together and they even played game until sunrise.

In an interview with Vulture Lauren said that “In those days, I knew nothing about him and had not even seen the film The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Additionally, I was awkward around guys, but he was also weird and awkward with girls.”

Lauren’s Career

Lauren started working as a supporting artist in various films of Seth Rogen like Observe and Report and Zack and Miri Make A Porno. She worked as a supporting artist in several films and For a Good Time, Call…. is the first film where she was in the lead role along with Ari Graynor. The film was released on August 31, 2012, in the United States.

Car Accident

Soon after they met they decided to go on an official date and on their first official date they got in a car accident. In 2018 Lauren went to the Jimmy Fallon show where she told that they were playing mini-golf and after they were done playing they got in a car accident.

“We were hit by a 16-year-old who had stolen his father’s car. After he hit us he flew away and we whirl over three traffic lanes. His car was smashed and my mate helped him get his home and that was the first official date of ours.” She said on the show.

How Did They Get Married?

According to the reports Lauren was proposed by Rogen in 2010 when she was changing in their closet. Rogen had a great plan to propose to Lauren but it did not went as he planned. He said in an interview, “I had already begun to propose [to her] while she was in our closet changing clothes. Her picture of the events does not match mine, and I know mine did not match hers.” Obviously, Lauren said yes to Rogen’s proposal, and after she said yes, they had buffalo wings.

A year after the proposal they got married in California and many stars were there to attend their wedding including Adam Sandler, Paul Rudd, and Judd Apatow. As per the report, their wedding was so hilarious, “There was a joke every other line, and the crew could not hold back their laughter!”

Lauren and Rogen Started Non-Profit Organization

Lauren’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease so after that Lauren and Rogen started an organization and they educate or spread awareness about Alzheimer’s disease through humor, and as per the reports Alzheimer’s disease runs through Lauren’s family and both of her grandparents and her mother died from the disease. She first noticed minor changes in her mother when her parents came to visit her in 2006 on her 24th birthday.

“There were some hints in my head. The story my mother told me a few times at my college graduation a couple of years earlier had left me feeling drained. I said nothing at the time. There was a part of me hoping I was wrong.” Lauren noticed more things when her parents came to visit for the first time a few months later. There was a lot of repetition and vague confusion in her mother’s voice. “I just cried when I got back to Seth’s after dropping them off at the airport, I had never spoken about it before.”

Lauren says that her mother Adele Miller was a supermom or superhero mom. “She worked as a first-grade teacher and still was a full-time parent at the same time. Every event and activity I participated in, she was there for me. Besides being the class mom, she also drove me everywhere and was an extremely creative and innovative person.”

Lauren’s mother Adele quit teaching after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and her father Scott Miller had to retire from his job to help and take care of Adele.

Does Lauren Have Any Children?

No, Lauren and Rogen do not have any children till now but it seems that they don’t mind having a child or two. Rogen even opened up and said that he would be a good parent and he added that he has more stupid friends who are doing good as a parent.

Even though they don’t mind having children, they don’t plan on being parents any time soon. Rogen cherishes the lifestyle they have right now and he says that they will not have the same lifestyle if they become parents. He also said that many friends and family say that they should have children and as mentioned he doesn’t mind being a parent but he does not want to have any children any time soon. He does not plan on being a parent and he says that he is at peace with his choice.

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