All About Phil Hartman’s Son – Sean Edward Hartman (Biography, Age)

Sean Edward Hartman
Date of Birth 1988
Profession Band Member
Father Phil Hartman
Net Worth $1 million

Celebrity kids became famous due to their parents and obviously many people wants to get famous. But being born from celebrity is plus point since you can me famous from your birth day.

Anyway, there is two types of celebrity kids, one who wants to get famous and tries to follow their parents path. Whereas, another star kids doesn’t want fame and always wants to stay from spotlight.

Sean Edward Hartman get his fame due to being son of famous Canadian-American actor, writer and also a graphic designer Phil Hartman.

Sean has been living his life far from spotlight and never shared any information about his parents to the media. This is also a reason why there is a lots of rumor and misinformation about him on internet.

Sean was a hot topic and many fans of his father Phil Hartman started to search about this guy on internet. Because Phil was very famous and hardworking actor, he was also a man behind American favourite cartoon Scooby-Doo voice.

But sadly, Phil Hartman died on 1988. Since, than his son Sean Edward and daughter has became a topic of curiosity.

So, today we will learn about Phil’s eldest son Sean Edward on details also we will know his career, is he married as well as about his net worth.

Eldest kid of Phil Hartman and his third wife

Sean Edward was born in 1988, and he is also only son of Phil and his third wife Brynn Hartman. Many information about him are mislead on internet, some bloggers also wrote that he was born in 1989.

Anyway those information are fake because in one documentary series named “The Last Days of Phil Hartman” by ABC Television was published, where it was said that Sean was born after Phil ended his second season at SNL at February, 1988.

Also Sean has one sister who is younger than him and her name is Birgen Hartman and she was born in 1992.

An Orphan at very Early Age

Sean and his sister Birgen lose their both mom and dad at when they were kids. On May 28, 1998 both couple lose their life and it was not accident but it was due to fight and anger between the couple.

As per the police reports and surrounding investigation, Sean’s mother Brynn Hartman who was also a model for short time, first shot and  killed her husband due to some argument between them on some serious topic.

The topic has not disclosed yet. After killing Phil she locked herself on room and shot herself or she committed a suicide. And they both took their last life breath on that day.

Upon death of his parents, Sean and his sister Birgen started to live with his material Aunt Katharine Wright along with her husband.


Many celebrity kids follows their parents path, but Sean took a different path of his career. He started to knew that he has a good interest on music and arts from childhood and started to sharpen it.

He studied from Edina High School with his sister and after finishing his high school over there he went to graduate from Minneapolis College of Arts and Design.

Some research said that he also did a intern on some artistic and music companies.

He is not just on arts he also formed a rock music band which name is “Moonstone Continuum“. In this music band he plays a role of keyboard player.

Sean is same like his father, he is multi-talented and also has a various skills.

Is Sean Hartman Married?

Sean might be still single as of 2021 because there is no any detailed information about his martial status and there is also no any active social media account associated with his name.

Seems like he loves a life far from spotlight, and don’t want to get exposed to the media and doesn’t want unnecessary attention.

His childhood was very miserable and he had saw very big and very sad incident on his life about his parents relationship.

Besides, him his sister Birgen is married since 2018 and living a happy life. She and her boyfriend get engaged on 2015 and finally, tying a knot in September 2018.

Sean was also there on his sister marriage ceremony, but there is rarely some pictures of him on his sister’s marriage ceremony.

Net Worth

After his parents dead, Sean and his sister got their father property. At the time of 1998, their mansion was valued of $1.23 million and it was divided between them.

Besides, that this successful actor might had lots of lands and investments as well as bank balance which was never disclosed.

Many sources estimate that Sean Edward Hartman net worth is $1 million.

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