Who is Scottie Pippen’s First Wife, Karen McCollum?

Karen McCollum

Karen McCollum is a very talented and famous musician. Aside from being a musician, she is also well known as Scottie Pippen‘s first wife. Scottie Pippen and Karen McCollum married for the first time in their lives. Their son Antron was born 1 year after they married all the way back in 1987.

Scottie Pippen is a famous Basketball superstar who used to play for the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls won a lot of championships in the late 90s. The two have already split though and their divorce was mutual as well. Since McCollum is a musician, she has made appearances in many shows as well. She was in the Season 2 of the show Dynasty. McCollum played the role of a pianist.

Early life And Family

Karen is currently in her 50s. We don’t know her exact date of birth though. This is because she is not really a public figure. She also doesn’t have a Wikipedia page so, it’s hard to get that information. We found that she is of black ethnicity and she is American in terms of nationality. Her zodiac is not known though.

Moving on to her family background, the details are still not really known though. There is not much information regarding her parents as well as her background.  She also hasn’t revealed anything about her family. Karen is quite secretive too. She is a single child of her parents but it’s not confirmed yet. That is a wild rumor!

Her parents are not really known. She has kept the information about her parents away from the media. Their identities are not known to the public as well.

Her son with Scottie is Antron. Antron has already passed away though. He actually died pretty recently. Antron was interested in Basketball and he would’ve made it to the NBA if he had not developed a chronic case of Asthama. Aside from Antron, Scottie has six other children but we don’t really know about Karen’s family though.

antron pippen

Karen doesn’t seem to have any children or even a husband. After Karen, Scottie got married to Larsa Younan who is a real housewives star in the year 1997.

Pippen has 4 children with Larsa but currently, he is not with Larsa as well. They divorced in 2018.

Anyway, back to Karen. Talking about her education, we know that Karen is quite an educated woman with a brilliant mind but the actual school she went to is not made public. We also don’t know what her major in college was.

Karen McCollum’s Career, where is she now?

Karen had a really strong connection with her son and after Antron’s death, it wasn’t easy for her to handle many things. But recently, she has moved and now she is still working as a musician. Karen has been able to put together some pretty awesome gigs with a lot of big names as her network is quite strong.

As we mentioned, Karen was a member of the cast that put together Dynasty, which is a soap opera. She went into the second season of the show and played piano for it.

As this experience was quite interesting, she started to be with the cast members and she fit right in. She is on this show next to people like Sam Underwood, Elizabeth Gillies, and Sharone Lawrence. Her outfit was great as well. She was seen in a plain type of black dress with a subtle face to accentuate her makeup.

Is Karen on any Social media platform?

Our team tried their best to find Karen on all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter but we just couldn’t do it. Perhaps she has a private and hidden social media account. We don’t know exactly though! Our guess is that Karen likes to keep her details pretty private and that is the reason we haven’t seen her on these social media. We will give you the details as soon as she gets on the Social Media platform.

How much is Karen McCollum worth?

Karen McCollum has a total net worth is around $3 to 5 million dollars. While we do not know the exact net worth of hers, we do know that it is on the range we mentioned. Her job as a singer and a musician has made this money. In addition, she was the wife of the great Scottie Pippen who is worth a hell lot more!

Her exact salary is not known but yeah, Karen lives a comfortable life currently and she is quite happy living that life.

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