Who is Scott Frost Wife Ashley Frost?

scott frost wife

Scott Andrew Frost popularly known as Scott Frost is a well-known American football coach who is now the head coach of NCAA’s Nebraska Cornhuskers. Even before he became the head coach of Nebraska Cornhuskers, he was the head coach of UFC Knights Football at the University of Central Florida.

He also used to be a professional football player before he became a coach and he used to play at college and he also played for Nebraska in the 1997 national championship and he also played in the NFL for six years.

We can gather as much information about Scoot Frost as he is a quite famous person whose information can also be found on Wikipedia so we are not going to talk about him in this article instead we will talk about his wife Ashley Frost. We have gathered information from various sources about Scott’s wife Ashley and we will make sure to share every information we have on Ashley Frost.

Short Biography of Ashley Frost

There is not much information available about Ashley so we don’t know many things about her including her birthday, parents, and her siblings. Even though we don’t know how old Ashley is, according to various reports, she is said to be around 32 years and it is said that she graduated from Grand Canyon University.

There is no information on how the two of them met but according to the sources, they dated for nearly two years before sharing a vow to each other. It seems that they proposed to Ashley in 2015 and after a year on March 11, 2016, they got married in Paradise Valley.

The couple also shares a daughter who they named Alli Frost. Even if Ashley is the wife of a popular American football coach she has managed to keep her profile very low so we don’t have much information about her.

Scott’s Extra-Marital Affair Rumors


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If you search on the internet there are many controversies about Scott having an extra-marital affair, let’s talk about those controversies a bit.

There were rumors about Scott having an extramarital affair and the rumor also claimed that Scott and his wife are now planning to live separately. So how was the rumor started and ruin their happy married life?

Talking about his affairs he had a girlfriend but it was even before he was in a relationship with Ashley but since he and Ashley started dating he doesn’t have any extra affairs.

As a well-known American football coach and public figure, he may like to be a part of these rumors and controversies to keep his name in the public but all of those rumors are said to be fake and he really loves his wife and his daughter and wants to live with them happily forever.

We don’t know by whom and how the rumors were started and Scott also has not talked about this matter so we guess we will never find out how those rumors and controversies were started.

Scott’s Net Worth

As mentioned he is the head coach of Nebraska Cornhuskers and before he became a coach he used to play football professionally so it is estimated that his annual salary is around $5 million.

We have talked about his salary now let’s talk about his net worth, well he works as the head coach of a football team and we can say that he has earned a really good amount of money and his net worth is estimated to be around $11 to $12 million.

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