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Who is Scooter Braun ex-wife, Yael Cohen?



scooter braun ex-wife yael cohen

Yael Cohen is a former wife of an American investor, media proprietor, and record executive Scooter Braun and she is also a businesswoman and co-founder of Fuck Cancer. Fuck Cancer is a health organization that works for the early detection and prevention of cancer.

In this piece of the blog post, we will be talking about Yael’s personal life, her career, her early life, and most importantly her relationship with Scooter Braun.

Early Life and Career

Yael was born on November 4, 1986, in South Africa. Her family is Jewish, there is not much information about her family but her father was David Cohen who is a businessman or entrepreneur of South Africa he is known for his oil and mining business and he is also the co-founder of Gold Wheaton Gold Corp, Northern Orion Resources, and few other minerals or natural resources company. As per the reports, the company was obtained for more than $1 billion each.

Yael was born in South Africa but more than seven years after her birth in 1994 her whole family moved to Canada. As of now, we don’t know which high school she went to but for further studies, she went to the University of British Colombia. After few years of studying in 2008, Yael graduated from the University with Bachelor’s in Arts in Political Science and she started working in accounting or finance.

Yael’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and after that, in 2009 Yael founded the Fuck Cancer. Many people would talk bad about cancer so she wanted to change that and give knowledge about cancer to other people. She and her team are trying to make people aware of cancer through various social media platforms and websites.

How Did Yael and Scooter Braun Met?

According to the various sources and reports, it shows that back in 2010 Braun was watching a TED talk where Yael was talking about Fuck Cancer and after he saw her talking he immediately wanted to meet her so he tried to be in touch with her. In an interview with Hollywire Braun was asked, how he met Yael and he said the same thing, “When I saw [a video of] her TEDx talk I wanted to meet her wherever she was.”

Braun also said to the interviewer that knowing about Fuck Cancer was really good for him. He said that “I met my wife through this organization and I had my babies through this organization.” He added, “Besides being one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met, she’s also a superhero to me. The only thing I can do is strive to live up to the standard.”

How Did They Get Married?

yael cohen with scooter braun

According to the reports, the two were married because of their friends Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. When Yael and Braun went to visit Ellen and Portia in Montecito, they inspired or motivated them to spend more time together.

In an interview with Architectural Digest, he told Ellen and Portia that “We are not planning to buy a house.” Yael and Braun were not even married at that time.

“We then went to lunch with them, and when we got back to the house, a broker had already arrived. Our response was, “This is absurd. We won’t do it.” He added, “There were two places we looked at, and neither of them interested us. “Lastly, we came across this home in the third, and our decision was made as soon as we stepped into the driveway, between those trees.”

He told the interviewer that he and Yael both loved the rose garden that was shaped like a butterfly. And then he said that “We agreed that we should get married.” And on July 6, 2014, they got married in Whistler, British Colombia.

In 2015 Yael got pregnant and she gave birth to Jagger Joseph Braun, in 2016 they welcomed their other child Levi Magnus Braun, and they also have another child Hart Violet Braun but we don’t know when their daughter Hart was born.

Braun was Alleged of Bullying

In the 2019 summer famous musician, Taylor Swift said that Braun is incessant, manipulative bullying, and Yael was there to support her husband.

She wrote on her Instagram account, “I have to start with Taylor Swift, whoa. Let’s have a look at the facts. The opportunity to own your masters was given to you, you passed. It’s interesting that the man whose behavior you find so grotesque believed more in you than you did.”

Their Divorce

After being together for seven years Music manager Scooter Braun filed for divorce and he also requested joint custody of their children.

There is no information on why Braun filed for divorce but the reports say that “Although their friendship is as strong as it’s ever been, they’re taking some time apart to work things out. During the pandemic, so many couples experienced this. There is love between them and they just need some time apart, and they will bounce back for their kids.”

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