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Savannah Dexter is a popular American singer and songwriter. Her country genre music has been loved by thousands of people. She has given hit songs including ‘Big Truck’ and the song features popular music artists like Adam Calhoun, Demun Jones, and Dusty Leigh.

Some of her other hits include Sinner Like Me, I Don’t Open Up, Can’t Never Could, Country Girl, Better Myself, and more. Since she has given hit songs, she is also followed by thousands of people and all her fans want to know more about her. So in this piece, we will talk about Savannah’s early life, career, relationship status, and more.

Savannah’s parents were not married

Savannah was born in July 1996 in Florida and when she was born her parents were only dating and not married. They were not even fully adults when Savannah was born. After her birth, her parents were together for a year and they decided to separate.

After her parents split, Savannah stayed with her mom but since her mother was still in her teenage year, she had to go to school as well work late at night, and as a result, Savannah spent most of her childhood with her maternal grandparents.

She went to live with her father after she turned 10 and she attended a local high school in Florida. Her father started dating her preschool teacher and she lived with her father and stepmother for four years till she turned 14. She has two half-sisters and one of her sisters is suffering from autism.

Savannah’s stepmother abused her

Savannah has explained in a podcast that her worst phase or experience in her childhood is living with her father and stepmom. As mentioned she went to live with her dad after she was 10 and even her stepmother treated her nice and good, however, as time passed she started becoming cold towards Savannah and she even started getting aggressive.

The Florida-based singer further explained her stepmother’s behavior towards her started getting worse every day. After she had enough with her stepmother’s behavior, she told everything to her maternal grandparents and she started living with them. Savannah could not do well in her school because of the way she was being treated by her stepmother.

However, as of now she has let go of all the things she had to go through as a child and she even said that she’s willing to forgive her stepmother if she asks for her forgiveness. Furthermore, after she left her father’s house she did not talk with her father for years. Also, she has reported that she has also been abused sexually.

Her career

Savannah is currently signed to a record label Mako Music Group and after signing with the company she released her debut album (Savages) in 2021. Songs like Remember Everything from her album were a hit and got views in million.

Later in 2021, she released her two albums ‘Loner’ and ‘Genesis’ which include songs like Love Me Now, Broke Free, Country Girl, Mud It Up, Understand, and more. She has also featured a few other popular music artists in her songs as well as music videos.

She got into country music because of her father

Savannah told Chad Armes TV, “I got an interest in country music from my father. I used to listen to them riding around his truck.” However, she discovered popular musicians like Christina Aguilera who influenced her from her mother but after her stepmother treated her badly she switched to rap music which helped her get through her tough times but that does not mean she no longer likes country music, she has said that she is still and will always be a country girl within.

She was interested in music from a very young age as she started playing guitar at just 13 years old. When she turned 18 she started writing her own songs.

Her boyfriend is a record label owner

Savannah’s boyfriend Brabo Gator is the founder of the record label which Savannah is currently signed with. Furthermore, Brabo himself is also a music artist and he also knows how the music industry or business works. He has also been featured in Savannah’s music video ‘Love Like This.’

However, did you know that Savannah was once married before she met Brabo? Savannah had a boyfriend before she started dating Brabo and later she got married to him to escape from all the traumatic experiences from her family but her relationship also turned out to be toxic so later she and her partner separated.

Savannah’s social media presence

Savannah is pretty active on major social media platforms including Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram where she has thousands of followers. She joined Twitter in April 2014 where she has over 5k followers. Similarly, she joined Youtube on October 21, 2015, and she now has 290k subscribers.

Likewise, she is also active on Facebook and Instagram. She is mostly active on Instagram over all the other social media platforms and she has gained 121k followers on Instagram.

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