Is Sario Okada Transgender?

sario okada

There are many celebrities around the world who keep their personal life far from the audience or public and there are also those who may have revealed a thing or two about them but fans might not have noticed or known about that.

In this blog post, we will be discussing a Japanese actress Sario Okada who is known for working in Tanabata Sayonara, Mata Itsuka, Pumpkin and Mayonnaise, Yoso de iwantoite.

Many people think that Sario is transgender because of the way she dresses but what is the actual truth or fact? You will get to know in this blog. We will also be talking about a few other things about her like her birthday and all so stay put and read the full article to know about actress Sario Okada.

Short Biography of Sario Okada

As per the reports, Sario was born on September 28, 1993, in Tokyo, Japan. Besides this there is no information available about her personal life so we do not know who her parents are, we don’t know if she has any siblings, we don’t know what her educational qualifications are.

As mentioned above Sario is an actress and has worked in a few movies and television series, as for her career she started her career with a television series called Yoso de iwantoite and after that, she was seen in a few other series and films.

Sario is not only an actress, but she is also a karate player and she holds a black belt in karate. She has also made an appearance in various television and radio programs.

Sario Okada is Linked to Major League Baseball (MLB)?

Many people mix up Sario Okada with Sanrio Okada and we want to clear things up that “Sario” and “Sanrio” are completely different things in fact Sanrio is not even a person it’s a licensed MLB merch for various baseball teams.

Sanrio is a well-known Japanese company that was founded back in 1960 by Shintaro Tsuji. Tsuji founded the company as Yamanashi Silk Company but later in 1973 the company was established as Sanrio.

The company Sanrio designs products that focus on the acute part of Japanese culture and its products such as gifts, school supplies, and accessories are sold all over the world. The most famous product of the company is probably the cute little kitty which we all know as Hello Kitty.

Is Sario Transgender?

Is she transgender? I mean come on you guys which one of you thinks that she is transgender? Anyway if you are one of those who thinks that she’s transgender or is confused about what her sexuality is then let me make this clear, she is not transgender, she is biologically a woman.

I know some of you might say that she has not spoken anything about her sexuality but hear me out there are some sources that say people might have been confused because she dresses like a tomboy but I don’t know what they were looking at, I searched her name on google and on Instagram and I didn’t find anything like a tomboy.

I don’t why there is confusion about her sexuality maybe it’s cause people think that Sanrio is a baseball player and Sanrio and Sario is the same person who changed their gender but I have made it clear that Sanrio is not even a person it is a Japanese company so for the last time, Sario is not transgender but is biologically a woman.

Sario’s Social Media Presence


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A post shared by 岡田サリオ (@salio.fficial)

I don’t know if Sario is active on other social media but she is pretty active on Instagram and has over 35k followers. I don’t know what people have been looking over but that definitely does not how tomboy looks like, she looks pretty girlish to me.

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