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Who is Sara Vickers? (Net Worth, Husband)



Sara Vickers

Sara Vickers is a mildly famous British television and theatre actress. She is best known for playing the role of Joan Thursday in the detective series Endeavour.

About Sara Vickers

Date of Birth 1985
Profession Actress
Height 5.4 Inches
Debut Judgement Day
Spouse/Husband Kerr Logan

Sara Vickers was born in the year 1985. She was born in the small town of Strathaven in Scotland. Sara grew up in Edinburgh and graduated with a BA degree from the Royal academy of Dramatic Arts in the year 2010.

She his 5’4″ in terms of height and she started acting from a early age. Sarah has performed in all three types of acting. This includes movies, shows and theatre. She moved to London to learn acting after getting through high school.


In the year 2011, Sara played in a theatre show titled Judgement day. This was the start of her career. She also landed other jobs in theatre shows such as Romeo and Juliet, The Lady from the Sea and many more.

In addition, she has worked in TV series such as The Alienist, The Crown, Love Sick and many more. She has also been actively pursuing a career in movies as well. Sara has performed in many movies.

In 2018, Sara was set to return to her a claimed role of Joan Thursday in the sixth season of the hit tv show called Endeavour. The shooting of this awesome show with Shaun Evans as the lead character was done in London.

This series is based in the year 1969. Sara works with famous actors such as Roger Allam, Anton Lesser, Sean Rigby and Abigail Thaw. The sixth season got pretty positive reviews so, we think the seventh season is all but set.

Sara is represented by the Curtis Brown Group and she will also star in the first episode of the TV show Watchmen. The show is made by HBO. It is based on DC comics and Sara’s screen time will increase in this show.

She will make an appearance aside actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who played Back in the DCEU movie Aquaman. In Watchmen, Sara is set to play the role on Erika Manson. Her Character will definitely have superpowers and she will be acting along with many famous actors in this show.

What was Sarah’s Career Breakthrough?

Sarah acted in theater for a long time before she landed her debut in 2012’s BBC TV Film named Bert and Dickie. She gained popularity after she played the role of Joan Thursday in the detective drama known as Endeavour. This was a Bristish TV series and it is the prequel to another good long running series named Inspector Morse.

Is Sarah a good actor?

Yes, Vickers is actually a very good actor. She has gained great response from all the critics and audiences as well. She has an Outstanding role in Endeavour and then she was featured in Watchmen. After that, Vickers has been featured in many more TV Shows as well as films. Some of her outstanding performances are in the BBC TV Film Bert and Dickie, a detective drama called Endeavour, BBC One Crime series and the Historical drama The Crown. 

Is Sara Married?

Yes, She is married. Her husband’s name is Kerr Logan and he supports Sara in her career. Logan has always expressed his excitement to see his wife make it in the big screen.

Their relationship is going pretty strong right now and we hope them the best for their future.

Her husband, Kerr Logan is a funny guy though. He jokingly said how excited he is to see his wife on TV and he looks forward to his wife touching another man. This was purely a joke and he doesn’t mean anything by it.

Vickers’ Role in Watchmen

Watchmen is a Superhero Dystopia Action Drama made by DC Comics. In this series, Sara’s role is that of Mrs. Crookshanks. Her character is the female clone of the original Mrs. Crookshanks. In this series, Sara is working with very talented actors. She is in the company of stars such as Tim Blake, Lily Rose Smith, Adelynn Spoon, Tom Mison and more.

Watchmen is broadcasted in the HBO channel as well the HBO Max streaming platform. The original comic of this series was made by DC back in 1987. The first season of this show was released back in 2019. And since it got a very good reaction from the fans and the critics alike, it returned for a second season in 2020.

What is Sara’s Net Worth?

Sara is not really that famous in America. In addition, She is popular in the UK though. Yes, She has done various films and most of them have been successful but she still doesn’t have a really big role so, she is not worth that much.

We guess, as of 2020, Sara might be worth around $2 Million.

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