About Sharon Case’s Ex-Husband, Sandy Corzine

Sandy Corzine

Sandy Corzine is an American businessman and now he is serving as a president in Nancy Corzine, a home furniture manufacturing company.

He came in limelight due his relationship with Emmy Award winning Actress Sharon Case.

Who is Sandy Corzine?

Sandy was born in United States, and we don’t have his birth date because he has never revealed about his birth date. Also, there is no any deep insight information about his past life, family or about his siblings.

He only came in limelight due to his relationship with Sharon Case. Since, Sharon has a lots of well wishers and fans who always tried to know about her life.

Sharon Case has also acted on world famous romance drama TV series named ‘The Young and the Restless’.

Same like Sharon success, Sandy is also one of the successful business person who has worked with high profile company and still running furniture business.

Love Life with Sharon Case

There is no any detailed information about their love life. The the relationship between this couple might had got started before 2007.

Many believed that these couple dated for more than a year, finally tying their knot on April 20, 2007 in Mexico.

This marriage ceremony as kept out side from media attention and far from limelight. When they did a marriage the couple has no any guest or no one on their wedding, so hotel made a celebration party for this couple.

Besides, this many also believe that this couple was married on 1998 which was very earlier than 2007. Any way this was just a rumor.


While we don’t really have any idea where Sandy Corzine went to for school and stuff but we do have some information about his really awesome career as an American Businessman. He is incredibly successful in business and he is currently working as the president at Nancy Corzine if we have to judge by his LinkedIn Page.

Who is Sharon Case?

Sharon Case is a very talented American Actress and she started her model career at the age of 17. And she has been playing CBS TV Show “The Young and the Restless” from 1989 to present as a character name Sharon Newman.

And yes she has been playing the show for more than 25 years and entertaining the world from this show till now.

Sandy And Sharon Divorce

On one interview with Soap Opera Digest, Sharon said that the decision of divorce was very heart breaking and she never wanted it to happen.

Sadly, these couple were not blessed by any kids in their life. Which can also be the problem of divorce, but we don’t know their personal issues.

Sharon Statement regarding Motherhood,

“Some kind of people think having a baby will fix their many problems, but I would never want to do that. At one point, I was even thinking, “This may never happen.”

So when we separate, this was one of the really hard part in my life. This was not all about losing my beloved husband, who I had planned to live happily for the rest of my life, but now, I may never become a mother.”

This was really a heartbreaking statement from Sharon. After they ended their marriage, we don’t have any information about their family life or any kind of information about their personal life.

Anyway, the Sharon revealed that they had the very bad experience when they ended up their marriage life. Anyway, this couple still claims that they both had a feeling for each others till now.

Sandy’s Mother

Sandy’s mother is quite a big deal in Business. She is the founder of the Nancy Corzine Furniture which is one of the best furniture designers in the United States of America. Her company provides luxurious furniture which are contemporary as well. The company is one of the best furniture manufacturers. Her empire in this business is quite big and she has made a lot of money off of this business.

Social Media

Sandy Corzine is not a public person so, his social media accounts are all but empty. He doesn’t have a twitter and neither does he post pictures on Instagram. He is, however, still very successful in his business as well as life.

His ex wife, on the other hand is quite active in social media and she kind of leads a really great life thanks to the divorce settlement and her own revenue stream.

What is Sandy Corzine Net Worth?

From various sources, it is found that Sandy is a successful business man. And from some sources, the average salary for a businessman is around $60K. So, we can estimate that Sandy Corzine net worth is $1.5 Million as of 2021.

But, his ex-wife Sharon Case has made a good sum of money from her acting career and it can be around $3 Million.

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