Meet Samuel Jason Black – Son of Actor Jack Black

Jack Black
Date of Birth 2006
Profession Student
Father Jack Black
Mother Tanya Haden
Debut Movie School of Rock

You might have seen the movie School of Rock and if you have, you probably know who Jack Black is. Samuel Jason Black is the son of Jack Black.

Further more, his mom is also a celebrity. Hollywood actress Tanya Haden is the mom of Samuel Black.


Samuel Jason Black was born in the year 2006. He was born in the city of Los Angeles and currently, he is just 14 year old. Samuel has a sibling named Thomas Black and Samuel is of mixed ethnicity.

How did Tanya and Jack Black meet?

Since Samuel is still a kid, we are going to be talking about the relationship of his parents. Jack got engaged to Tanya in 2006 and they got married the same year.

Both of them attended the Crossroads School and they met after 15 years. The couple married in California. Samuel was born in the same year and later they also welcomed their second son Thomas.

Currently, Samuel lives a pretty good life with his parents. He often appears in Jack Black’s gaming YouTube channel


The 14 year old Samuel Black is still in school so, his career hasn’t even begun yet. He has also not said what he is going to do in the future so.

It better not to speculate. But, he could join his parent’s line of work and become an actor himself. Or, he could become a musician, comedian or anything else related to Hollywood.

Jack Black’s career has been pretty long though. At an early age of 13, he acted for a video game named ‘Pitfall.’ Later, he played on shows such as Life Goes on, Northern Exposure as well as The X Files.

Since then he has appeared in many other movies, television shows and other form of media as a lead character.

Jack Black initially had a breakthrough with the 2000 adaptation of a very famous novel High Fidelity. Later he starred in a romantic comedy named Shallow Hal.

He also played the role of a rebellious music teacher in School of rock, which was a very great movie. Jack also played in Orange County.

The list of movies he has done is pretty big. In terms of TV series, Jack Black has acted in Welcome to Sweden, Ghost Ghirls, Bernie, The Office and more. Jack Black’s music career has also seen major improvements.

He is known as Jables, the lead singer for a Comedy rock band named Tenacious D. The band has many albums released.

Samuel’s mother is also a well known singer and an artist. She plays the cello and she still works to this day. She has played many bands and she often shows her talent in various shows.

How much is the Black family Net Worth?

We cannot really talk about Samuel black because he is just 15 and he doesn’t have a net worth right now. He doesn’t even have a source of earning.

However, his mother is a successful artist as well as a musician. Haden’s net worth is estimated to be of $2 million.

She has also earned a really good sum of money through her career as a Cellist. She also many brand deals under her belt that boosts up her total value.

On the other hand, Jack black is worth more than 30 million dollars. He earns enough from his acting career and there is no doubt that he lives a pretty lavish life.

His net worth is more than enough to maintain that standard of living. Jack black is still very active and he is still does a lot of things.

He acts, sings, writes and produces. He has a decent music catalog and a gaming Youtube channel as well to connect with his audience. Samuel lives a really comfortable life with his parents.

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