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Since ancient times people have been eager or excited to know more about a famous person and person dear to them. In ancient times singers or actors were not as popular as they are today instead, everyone knew about King and his families.

If the king was becoming a father then his people would welcome the prince or princess marvelously and as the prince or princess grow the people would want to know more about them.

People have not changed as just like in the ancient time’s people want to know more about a famous person and their families. The same thing has happened to Samantha Taffer, Samantha is the daughter of a famous television personality and entrepreneur Jon Taffer, and since her father is a well-known personality people are also wanting to know about her.

Samantha is a bartender and has also appeared on her father’s television reality show Bar Rescue but it seems that she does not want fame or want to follow her father’s steps as she is not active in the entertainment industry anymore.

In this piece of article, we will cover all the details or information we have on Jon Taffer’s daughter Samantha so stick on and read the full article to know more about Samantha Taffer.

Short Biography of Samantha Taffer

We don’t know the exact date but Samantha was born in 1989 to Jon Taffer and his ex-wife. She is close with her family but there is no information available on her mother. She holds American nationality but her ancestry is Jewish.

There is no information on which high school she graduated from but as for her higher studies went to the University of Southern Indiana for three years.

Samantha’s Career

As mentioned above Samantha is a bartender and she has worked in several bars, pubs, and restaurants. From October 2010 to December 2014 she used to serve at the Chilly Willy’s Pub as a General Manager. She was also seen on her father’s television reality show Bar Rescue along with smiling alcohol chef Mia Mastroianni.

As per the reports, Sam went to join Republic National Distributing Company in October of 2013 as General Market Sales Representative but later in September 2017 she also started serving as Key account manager of the company.

Is Samantha Married or Single?

Samantha is married to a guy named Cody Hanley, there is no information on how the two of them first met but before marrying they have been dating for a long time, and as per the reports, they were also in a live-in relation. They are very supportive of each other.


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After dating each other for few years the couple finally decided to marry and on September 13, 2015, they were married and were pronounced husband and wife. They had a magnificent wedding ceremony and both were looking very lovely in their dress. As for Sam, she was wearing a mermaid white gown and as per the reports, Cody was wearing a Tuxedo.

They have been married now for more than six years now and they still have the same love for each other and they are known as a supportive couple as well.

Samantha and Cody Have a Son

Four years after their marriage Samantha became the mother of Cody’s son Rhett Hanley. Rhett was born on May 21, 2019, he is now two years old, Samantha and Cody are really happy with their son and now they are one small happy family of three.


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Not long after Rhett was born, his grandfather Jon announced the news in his social media accounts with the caption “Congratulations to my daughter Samantha and her husband Cody on the birth of their son, Rhett Hanley, on Tuesday, May 21st!”

As Sam is a private person she does not want any media or paparazzi hanging around her son Rhett so she does not share much information about her son.

Who is Samantha’s Mother?

There is no information available about Samantha’s mother, Jon’s first wife. Many might not know that Jon was married twice and his first or ex-wife was Samantha’s mother, now Jon has been married to a woman named Nicole Taffer.

Jon and Nicole were married in 2000 and since then they are living happily and now they have been together for more than two decades but they don’t have any kids and as far as we know Sam is the only child of Jon.

It seems that even as a stepmother Sam and Nicole have a strong bond and they are quite close with each other. Nicole also has appeared in few episodes of her husband’s television reality show Bar Rescue.

As per the reports, Sam’s stepmother Nicole was born on February 16, 1973, and she was raised in Illinois with her sister. She went to an unknown high school in Illinois and after she graduated from school she went to join Colombia University where she studied Business Management.

Before marrying Jon, Nicole used to work at a construction company in Chicago as a manager but after her marriage, she started working as professional market surveillance.

Is She Active on Social Media?

Yes, she is active on social media like Instagram where she has more than 900 followers but as she is a very private person she has kept her account on private mode. She also has a Twitter account but she does not seem to be active on Twitter as her last tweet was on November 18, 2013.

According to her Instagram bio, she seems to be a person who really loves a dog and there are also some pictures of her around the internet with the dog.

How Much Does She Earn? (Her Net Worth)

As she works for Republic National Distributing Company she must have a decent salary and she may also have hands-on her father’s television reality show Bar Rescue, so even if we don’t know how much her salary or net worth is we can say that she is a wealthy woman.

As for her father Jonathan Peter Taffer, according to the reports, his estimated net worth is $14 million. If we have to estimate Sam’s net worth she may have a net worth of around $1-$3 million.

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