Who is Samantha Speno? Relationship with Randy Orton

Samantha Speno
Date of Birth January 11, 1982
Profession Business Woman
 TV Series Sunset Tan
Ex-Husband Randy Orton
Net Worth $1 Million

Samantha Speno is an American business women. She is also a makeup artist, a wardrobe stylist, and a former gymnastics trainer.

She became famous after she appeared on the reality show called ‘Sunset Tan.’ Samantha began her career as a gymnastics trainer initially. But later on, she went to have a career in the field of beauty and lifestyle.

In addition, she co-owns a high end jewelry line. She has a website where she sells world class services in the fashion industry.

Further more, Samantha has also worked as a real estate agent and she is also known as the former wife of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Randy Orton. Randy is a third generation WWE star and the couple were married till 2013.

They split up in 2014 because of differences. Samantha has since invested in her business and generates a good amount of revenue overall. She also supports Randy even though they are not together anymore.


Samantha Speno with Randy Orton

Samantha was born on January 11, 1982. She spent her childhood in Missouri, US. Sources say that she grew up in the St. Charles/St. Louis area in Missouri.

Speaking about her education, she attended the ‘Francis Howell North High School’ in Missouri and graduated in the year 2000.

Samantha was an active athlete in her school days. She played all types sorts of sport. But her main focus was on Gymnastics. After high school, she started her job at a local bar.


Samantha initially starter her career as gymnastic instructor. She was in this line of work for many years. After a while, she explored other professions.

In the year 2007, she took a part in a reality TV series named ‘Sunset Tan.’ This series was a part documentary that documented the lives of many employees in the LA based salon. This series earned Samantha clout and she used this fame to build her other businesses.

Samantha owns a jewelry line. It is called “Rocks and Stars.” The business is heavily promoted in social medias. This brand provides custom jewelry for high end market.

In addition to this, She is also the owner of Stultify Incorporation Limited. Samantha started the company along with her friend Shannon Tinoisamoa. Stultify has a team of talented makeup artists. And Samantha manages a talented team of stylists, make up artists, photographers and beauty specialists.

Further, Samantha also has a real estate company named ‘Experience.’ She joined the company as a specialist buyer and design consultant. Because of her good work, she grew in the company and now she owns a part of it.

Relationship with Randy Orton

Samantha was also married to pro wrestler and actor Randy Orton. Randy is a 3rd generation wrestler (both his father and grandfather were wrestlers) in the WWE. He has been in the WWE for more than two decades and he is considered a Legend in the wrestling world.

Samantha and Randy were married initially but they divorced later. The pair met at a bar. Randy was injured so, he was enjoying drinks with his friends when he saw Samantha.

He tried to approach her and they exchanged phone number a while later. They went out for a date after a while and the two started a relationship.

The pair got engaged in the year 2005.  They even had a daughter together in 2008. But after a couple of good years, things started to turn for bad. Randy had profession commitments to WWE that kept him away on the road for most of the time.

This left Samantha lonely in the house. The pair finally divorced in the year 2013. The child’s custody was left to Samantha while Randy had to pay the child support. Randy was also granted his car and jewelry collection in addition to one of the houses that they owned.

What is Samantha’s Net Worth?

Samantha is a successful business owner right now. She earns good amount of money from her work. Her net worth might be around $1 million. Randy Orton, on the other hand, is currently worth $11 million.

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