Who is Randy Orton’s ex wife Samantha Speno?

Have you heard the name of one of the most iconic wrestlers of WWE called Randy Orton? You must have heard his name if you like watching wrestling. In the past, he was married to a woman named Samantha Speno. However, not many people know about his ex-wife as compared to his RKO.

So, are you interested to know about her personal life, career, net worth, and her relationship with Randy Orton? If you are, we will tell you everything you need to know about Samantha Speno in this article. So, let’s get right into it.

Samantha Speno is an American businesswoman. She is also a makeup artist, a wardrobe stylist, and a former gymnastics trainer.

She became famous after she appeared on the reality show called ‘Sunset Tan.’ Samantha began her career as a gymnastics trainer initially. But later on, she went on to have a career in the field of beauty and lifestyle.

In addition, she co-owns a high-end jewelry line. She has a website where she sells world-class services in the fashion industry.

Furthermore, Samantha has also worked as a real estate agent and she is also known as the former wife of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Randy Orton. Randy is a third-generation WWE star and the couple were married in 2013.

They split up in 2014 because of differences. Samantha has since invested in her business and generates a good amount of revenue overall. She also supports Randy even though they are not together anymore.

Samantha was an active athlete in her school days

Samantha Speno was born on 11th January 1982 in Missouri, America. She grew up in St. Charles/ St Louis area in Missouri. Unfortunately, there is not much info about her parents and family background at the moment.

She is well educated as she attended the ‘Francis Howell North High School’ in Missouri and graduated in the year 2000. Furthermore, she was an active athlete in her school days as she played all types of sports. She mainly focused on Gymnastics. But after she completed high school, she started working at a local bar.

To explain it shortly, she is an American makeup artist and a businesswoman who owns a company called Stulify Incorporation. She only became popular after her affair with WWE professional wrestler Randy Orton got revealed to the public.

Samanta started Stultify Inc. along with her friend

Talking about her career. she started her career as a gymnastic instructor and she worked in this line for many years. But after some time, she decides to explore other professions as well.

So, she got involved in a reality television series named ‘Sunset Tan’ in the year 2007. The series documented the lives of many employees in the LA-based salon. She earned a lot of clout and fame because of the show and she used it to build her other businesses.

Now, she owns a jewelry line called “Rocks and Stars” which provides custom jewelry for the high-end market.  She has heavily promoted her jewelry line through her social media handles as well. Additionally, she also started Stultify Incorporation Limited along with her friend Shannon Tinoisamoa.

Her company has a team of talented makeup artists and her job is to manage the talented team of stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and beauty specialists in the company. Moreover, she also has a real estate company named ‘Experience.’ Initially, she joined the company as a specialist buyer and design consultant but as she worked hard she started to make a lot of progress, and now she owns a part of the real estate company.

Was Samantha married to Randy Orton?

Samantha and Randy Orton

As mentioned earlier, she was married to pro wrestler and actor Randy Orton. The two had decided to walk down the aisle back on 21st September 2007. The couple had met each other for the first time at a bar where Samantha was working as a waitress. Randy Orton had broken his leg at that time.

It was love at first sight for Randy so began to talk with her. The two had a conversation with one another for several hours and Samantha even gave her number at the end of their conversation. Randy took the lead and asked her on a date the very next date. Samantha accepted his request and this is how their love story began.

Soon the pair got engaged in the year 2005 and the rest is history. They even had a daughter named Alanna Marie Orton together in 2008. But are they still together? Let’s discuss that topic in the next subheading.

Are they still together?

Samantha’s relationship with Randy was going well for some years but things went sour after Randy had to stay away from his family due to his commitment to WWE. As a result, the two decided to get separated in the year 2012.

Their divorce was finalized in June 2013 and the reason behind her divorce was mainly because of Randy’s pro wrestling career. Well, that’s because he had to travel through the year all over America as WWE is always held in different parts of the country.

Furthermore, he had to work 2-3 nights per week and travel across the country. Soo, he had a very tight schedule and because of this busy schedule, he couldn’t give time to his family.

Thus, he became more distant from his family and his relationship with the family got worse day by day. Ultimately, they could no longer be together and decided to get a divorce.

Why did Samantha and Randy Orton get a divorce?

As we mentioned, the divorce mainly happened because of Orton’s pro wrestling career. WWE is always on the road and they do shows throughout the year all over America.

In addition to the main shows like Raw, Smackdown, and monthly pay-per-views, the company also has some other live events each week. So, this means, the WWE  superstars have to work 2-3 nights per week and they have to get around the country traveling. This makes it quite a difficult scheduling conflict.

And this busy schedule means that the superstars are not home most of the time. This is the reason why Samantha and Orton got separated.

Samantha’s net worth

It is estimated that her net worth is around $1 million. She has earned quite a lot of money from her business and through her makeup artist career. It is also revealed that her income per annum is $1.5 million.

As she is not available on any social media platforms, it is very hard to know about her personal life. But she must be living quite a lavish and comfortable life as she is quite successful, rich, and famous.

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