Who is Russell Westbrook’s wife, Nina Earl?

Nina Earl

Nina Earl is the wife of “Mr. Triple-Double,” Russell Westbrook. Russell is going to be huge in NBL history and it would not be surprising if he’s called one of the NBL legends someday. In his career, Russell has recorded more triple-doubles than any other player which is the reason his nickname is Mr. Triple-Double.

We know Russell has accomplished many things and would like to know more about him but this piece of article is not about him instead, we will be talking about his wife Nina Earl. Nina is not only famous for being Russell’s wife but she is also popular and famous for being a businesswoman, former UCLA basketball player, and a licensed therapist.

Now we all know that Russell is one of the most important players on NBL and he is often compared to other famous players like Klay Thompson and Chris Paul. So it is natural that everyone were so eager to know about Russell’s wife Nina.

Early Life of Nina Earl

Nina Ann-Marie Earl was born on January 16, 1989, in Pomona, California, the United States to a four-time Emmy-winner American puppeteer Michael Earl and Jennifer Lyons. Her father Michael was also an actor, writer, and singer. She is the only daughter of Michael and Jennifer but it seems that she does have three brothers who are Jonathan, Michael, and Benjamin Earl.

Nina went to Diamond Ranch High School located in California and her basketball career in high school was at the top and not only was she good at athlete but she was also good at her studies and other school activities. She went to the University of California, Los Angeles for higher education after she graduated from Diamond Ranch High School.

As mentioned she was not only good at playing sports but she also was great at her studies as she graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of California and not only that but she also earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a minor in English Literature.

How Did They Meet?

As mentioned Nina was good at all the school activities but her career in basketball was at its top as she and her team won two California Interscholastic Federation title games and she even earned herself an honor being CIF Player of the Year.

Even after joining the University of California, she continued to play basketball and she was successful in it just like she was in high school. She could play in any position to support her team and it is said that she was one of the fastest players on the team.

Russell also went to the University of California and the two of them met there while playing basketball. Soon after meeting they started dating and are still strong and together.

Their Marriage


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After being together for years Russell finally proposed to Nina on September 4, 2014. He shared a picture of Nina wearing a ring he had given on Instagram with the caption “You are my lady forever, nothing matters! I love you.” And as per the reports, the engagement ring cost $700,000.

11 months after the engagement they got married on August 29, 2015, in Beverly Hills. According to the reports American singer Miguel performed at their wedding.

What is Nina up to These Days?

I already mentioned that Nina is also a licensed therapist and she graduated with a degree in Psychology and also has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is also a businesswoman. She now runs a store where she sells various products for parents and their babies. Nina is the CEO of “Minibrook” which is a baby clothing line that crafts comfortable, durable, and functional everyday clothes for babies. It also has an Instagram account.

Complication Giving Birth


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Two years after their marriage, Russell and Nina welcomed their first child Noah Russell Westbrook in May 2017. A year later Noah was born Nina and Russell both said that they were expecting twins which they told on a YouTube video.

Both Nina and Russell were really excited and Russell even said, “The excitement of having two daughters in itself is exciting, but the joy of being able to have more children is also a complete blessing.”

But Nina had a complication and giving birth to two children was high risk for her which she even said herself through an Instagram post where she wrote “I sometimes feel as if these moments were just yesterday. Skye and Jordyn‘s pregnancy and birth were both high risk, and we did suffer unforeseen complications during delivery, which was a really scary experience. Having the care we had was so fortunate, but knowing that a woman dies from pregnancy-related causes every 12 hours, 60 percent of them preventable, makes me feel very sad.” She also said that she will be partnering up with “marchofdimes” to raise awareness all over the world about healthcare system’s inequalities.

She really is lucky to be able to survive otherwise it could have ended in a disaster but Nina and both of her children Skye and Jordyn were lucky enough to made it through a scary delivery. Nina posts pictures of her children on her Instagram account every now and then.

Nina Defended Her Husband

As I mentioned earlier Russell broke the NBA’s triple double record in 2021, before him Oscar Robertson made a record of NBA’s triple double but Russell broke his record but NBA expert Stephen A. Smith thought that it is not that great and he commented, “Westbrook’s big night isn’t important to me: I care nothing about any of it. Imagine what he would have accomplished if Russell Westbrook had been a better three-point shooter? By now, he would’ve been a championship winner.”

After Smith criticized Russell, Nina immediately defended her husband through Instagram message “You are only as good as your ability, so never let anyone else value you. As a prime example of how one can battle against all odds, my husband exemplifies this very well.”

“Having a championship doesn’t ‘hurt’ Russell because he’s the happiest he’s ever been. You don’t know anything about him. If you did then It would be easy for you to realize that he is much more than a championship. Your championship, and certainly your opinion, do not matter to him; he is a champion of life” She further wrote.

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