About FBI: Most Wanted Cast, Roxy Sternberg

roxy sternberg

Roxy Sternberg is a British actress based in the United Kingdom and she is famous for appearing or playing in movies like Chewing Gum, Emerald City, and Mars, she is also popular for her work in a series called FBI: The Most Wanted and audiences are praising her for bringing Sheryll Barnes character in life.

Even though Roxy has played and worked in various movies and drama series there is not much you can find out about her on the internet, but you don’t have to worry or keep on searching? Why? That’s because we are here to give you all the information and details you need to know about the United Kingdom-based British actress.

Short Biography of Roxy Stenberg

Roxy was born on April 20, 1989, in the United Kingdom. Her birth date makes her Taurus. She grew up in the United Kingdom with her parents but we don’t know if she has any siblings or not.

Talking about her parents, her father’s name is Ben Stenberg who comes of Polish-Russian descent, we don’t know what Roxy’s mother’s name is but as per the reports, her mother is from Uganda and is Jewish. Roxy is a follower of Judaism religion because of her mother, who is Jewish.

Her Physical Appearance & Body Measurements

Roxy is a beautiful woman who has black skin with dark hair and a beautiful pair of brown eyes. She is around 5ft 7 inches tall and weighs about 50 to 55kg. As per various sources, her body is a wonderland with measurements of 32, 26, and 32.

Does She Have a Boyfriend or Is She Single?

People also get curious if she is married or not so for all of them, no, Roxy is not married yet and is single as she is focusing on her career. Back in 2016, there were news and rumors over the internet that Roxy is in a relationship but after some time it was said that the two have split up but some sources suggest that the two are still together so we don’t exactly know at this time if she is single or not.

Is She Active on Social Media?

Yes, she is only active on Twitter and Facebook but there are a few sites that say she is active on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube but no that is totally not true she is not active on Instagram, Tiktok, or Youtube. As mentioned she is active on only Twitter and Facebook.

She joined Twitter in December 2020, and she currently has 1,304 followers on her Twitter account and as for Facebook she created her Facebook page on April 15, 2014, and she currently has 3.6k followers on her Facebook account.

How Much Does She Earn? (Her Net Worth)

Even though she is popular for playing in Chewing Gum, Emerald City, and Mars, she has worked in other many movies and series like Absentia, Nyela’s Dream, Famalam, Mount Pleasant, Law & Order: UK, Badults, and a few more other.

There is not any official report of Roxy’s income or her net worth but according to various sources, she earns around fifty to sixty grand annually and her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

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