Who is Wrestler Roman Reigns’ Wife, Galina Becker?

Galina Becker with roman

If I say the name ‘Galina Becker’, it might not ring a bell for many. But What if I say the name Roman Reigns? A lot of our readers might recognize him! He is a famous WWE wrestler and is currently, the face of WWE.  Galina is actually the spouse of Roman Reigns. Galina herself is a sports personality. She is an athlete and a fitness model, kind of like Roman Reigns. Roman’s real name is Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoa’i.

He is a member of the Anoa’i wrestling family who is from Hawaii which means that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is Roman’s actual cousin. But anyway, this article is not about Roman Reigns, let us focus on Galina and see what her life is like!

Galina’s Childhood and Early Life

Galina Becker was born in the year 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida. She is from the United States and her birthdate falls on the 11th of March. She used to be an athlete but more on that later so, what was her childhood like? And who are her parents?

Well, Galina was raised in the city of San Francisco in California. Her parents are Mildred and Kevin Becker. Galina was raised along with her two older sisters named Undine Becker and Molisa Cooper. She was raised in a religious African-American. She is a Christian and very close to her family and siblings.

Galina used to run from an early age. Even in Primary school, Galina was one of the best PE students. She was the best! This hobby turned into a career when she saw her older sister Undine going to Stanford though. Yes, she got a scholarship from the prestigious Stanford University. And since Undine was Galina’s role model, she was also always trying to catch up with her older sister. Galina was quite extroverted and good at sports as well. Track and Field was her main passion and she did good in College as well.

Galina’s High School Success

After primary school, Galina went to Mt. Pleasant High School in San Jose where she continued to be involved in Sports. Her Track and Field training was going strong and she displayed her talent in many competitions as well. Under her coach Steve Nelson, she stayed in the prime of this sport for 3 seasons.

In addition to Track and Field, Galina mastered Triple Jumps and won many medals and regional competitions in just her second year. This made the MVP of all three seasons of High School. In these three years, Galina set many records as well. She still holds the record for Triple Jump. Aside from track and field, Galina played Volleyball as well and she actually wanted to play it professionally. She did it as well! For a year she played it in a professional manner and it was great!

Why did Galina stop with her sports career?

Galina realized that she needed a backup to her sports career so, she went to the Georgia Institute of Technology to get an academic degree. But her passion for sports was never minimized. She kept at it throughout her college career and went to be a success at the college level as well. She set many records in college and made history.

In 60 meter hurdle, she had the record of the best time in 9.8 seconds. In addition, she had the best mark in Triple Jump of 38’2.75”. The very same year she went to compete at the ACC outdoor championship and got the 13th rank in Triple Jump. But in the final year of college, she was quite exhausted so, she decided to take a break. She did not compete that year.

Personal Life and Relation with Roman Reigns

Galina and Roman met in 2006. The two started dating soon after and were together for two years before they had their first child. Their daughter’s name was Joelle Anoa’i. She was born in 2008 on, 14th of December.

After some years Galina started working as a model for many sports companies. The couple was together for 6 years before they finally got officially married in the year 2012. The couple wanted their daughter to be at the Wedding and there she was. The ceremony was on a private island in the Bahamas. It was Disney’s private Island and the wedding had a lot of Disney themes as well. The destination wedding was quite great and the couple had a lot of fun. Two years later, they gave birth to twin boys as well.

Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Galina’s net worth is to be rumored to be around $500,000 dollars. It is the result of her career as a fashion model. In addition to that, she has 50K followers on Instagram so, brand deals are pretty easy to get for her. On her Instagram, she posts pictures of her husband and herself. She also posts the picture of her children. Her husband Roman Reigns is worth more than $5 million.

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