Who is Marcus Lemonis’ Wife, Roberta Bobbi Raffel?

Roberta Bobbi Raffel

Roberta “Bobbi” Raffel is an American businesswoman and she is also a very successful entrepreneur. But she is better known as a reality star Marcus Lemonis wife.

Roberta was a successful woman on her business field, but she was never came in public eye before marrying to Marcus Lemonis.

Roberta husband is also a famous business man and a self-made millionaire. He is also the owner of Marcus Lemonis LLC which has a many sub business under one umbrella.

The famous multi-million business is Camping World. Which provides RV and camping vehicle on very good price at many part of the world.

So, today we will learn about them on details.

Who is Bobbi Raffel?

Roberta Raffel who is also known as Bobbi Lemonis. She is a interesting woman, because she kept on searching for her perfect love until she found it. But when she found her true love at old age, I guess many people will give up.

Bobbi is an entrepreneur on clothing line and she is also owns some clothing companies. Roberta Raffel is an American and there is no exact date of birth has been revealed yet.

Roberta Raffel is about the height of 5 feet and 6 inches and she weighs about 58 kg.

There is not so much information available about her past life, her family and also about her siblings. Anyway, she runs a social media account on Instagram, which is the only way to know about her personal life.

Relationship & Marriage Life


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This couple met on COTERIE trade show on 2016. On the trade show both couple were buying the space to represent their business on the trade show.

Talking to People, Lemonis said once incident that happen on the show and the incident was that when he met Roberta for the first time, she tapped Marcuc Lemonis on his shoulder and told him “Hey, buy my business.”

After this incident, the couple started to met each other regularly and also started to date. This couple is also very frank about their relationship and also shares their together photo on social media.

As soon as they dated for about some months, Lemonis surprised Raffel with a Christmas gift and a secret Santa gift in 2016 Christmas.

Roberta is living happily with her husband Marcus Lemonis since 2018. Interesting news is that this couple has huge 20 years gap, and Roberta is 20 years older than Marcus.

Despite having huge age gap this couple is still living happily, and it seems there is no any problem between their relationship.

They did their marriage on Hotel Bel-Air which is located in California. By, now this couple does not have any children.

About Marcus Lemonis

Bobbi’s husband Marcus is a famous business man and Reality star, his business Camping World has made tons of money and it is also a #1 source for booking RV vans.

He was born in Beirut, Lebanon and his family origin is from Greece. Lemonis is constantly working to increase his business by now he is also involved on many other business which help to increase his net worth.

Many authoritative sources also claims that he had net worth of $1 Billion. Since, his business are thriving and making a lots of money.

Former Married Life

As we already wrote above about the Roberta that she is a married woman before she get engaged with Marcus Lemonis. She is also a mother of two children a son and a daughter from her previous marriage life.

She also shares a photos on social media with her children regularly. Her son is 42 years old, he a teacher and he has a children as well.

Whereas, her daughter is also a married. she got a kids as well and her career is on fashion industry.

Same like Roberta, Lemonis was also married man before they got into new married life. His first marriage was with Ila Penfold and their marriage was happened like in 2003 but this couple ended their relationship in 2017.

Roberta Raffel Net Worth

She is a very professional business woman and she also helped her husband business with investing her net worth.

Bobbi invested about $1.3 million on his husband business Camping World, from where she was also able to get 99094 shares making her co-owner of the business.

On the other hand, her husband has a tons of money and his net worth is estimated to be more than $50 million.

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